Zooey Deschanel Plastic Surgery: Fail Or Win?

Hollywood celebrity Zooey Deschanel has done plastic surgery. It is rumored that the American actress has undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries which include a nose job, lip implants, and some Botox fillers. But all these are just rumors, our actress did not agree any of these plastic surgery procedures.

Nose Job

 If you go through the old pictures of Zooey and compare them with the recent ones, you can see some changes in shape and size of her nose. Not big changes, just a little(lol! You should look carefully to find them!). The change could be made probably by rhinoplasty. But why did she do so? Her nose before was good enough and she doesn’t really need a nose job. It’s her own nose and money, a Hollywood celebrity with enough money can make any changes to their appearance. Some of them addicted to plastic surgery and ruin their own face by doing surgeries again and again.

 So, the changes in her nose might be because of the nose job. Zooey didn’t comment anything about it. You can see the photos below.

zooey deschanel plastic surgery
Zooey Deschanel plastic surgery before and after snaps.

Lip Injections

The second rumors were pointed towards her lips. Her lips are now got somewhat bigger than before, it could be done only by implants. No makeup or any other temporary procedures would give a fuller and plumper lips. That’s true, believe me.

Well, the big changes are on her lower lip. Lip injections are one of the known plastic surgery procedure among celebrities and even in common people. Nowadays everyone rushes into getting fishy and big lips. I don’t really get the “beauty” in those. It’s weird and seems so un-natural. I’m not saying about Zooey Deschanel’s lip implants. That was a bit normal one compared to Angelina Jolie.

zooey deschanel lip implants

The process is done by injecting a certain type of substances into lips, thereby you can enhance the volume, structure, and shape of lips. Here Zooey had used Restylane for the surgery. Zooey should regret because she completely lost the natural look.

Botox Fillers

zooey deschanel lip implants

And the last one is Botox. Some paparazzi saying that the shining and smooth facial skin of Zooey was done by Botox injections. You can’t blame them for this speculation because she’s aged 33 and looks young. It seems there’s some work done on cheeks. But I’m not believing about Botox rumors because now in 2013, the makeup procedures are so advanced and can definitely give fresh and smooth skin. She doesn’t really need a Botox at this early age. One should consider the anti-aging procedures in the middle of 50 or later.