Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants and Facelift

Popular American Media Personality, Wendy Williams, is in the limelight of having multiple plastic surgery procedures including breast implants, liposuction, facelift, and you name it. The rumors are that the 51-year-old Williams had a bad luck in plastic surgery. In fact, many believe that she has ruined her beauty with over usage of knives.

Let’s look into the facts with the help of before and after photos:

Wendy Williams plastic surgery

Who is she?

Wendy Williams is well famous as a TV host and as a media personality. The Wendy Williams Show has gained popularity in America with around 1100 episodes and 7 seasons. She has also appeared in ‘The Wendy Williams Appearance’ on VH1 reality TV series.

Williams has been married to Kevin Hunter and has appeared on big screens as well (The Cookout, Think Like a Man, etc.).

Did Wendy Williams get Breast Implants?

Wendy Williams breast implants
Wendy Williams breast implants.

It seems Wendy Williams was not quite happy with the size of the breasts she had. And the celebrity has had undergone breast implants in 1994 which makes a big difference to the appearance. Though she has not commented anything about the breast implants to the public, there’s no need of confirmation to point out the breasts are not natural.

Williams has seemingly spent around $6500 on breast implants. In a TV show, Williams said that she would have gone for a breast augmentation with a smaller size if it was done now. She also advises the audience that if you have a plan to lose weight then you should go for normal-sized breast implants. It gives an impression that she knows how it feels to have a slim body with disproportionate, big pair of breasts.

Weight Loss – Was it with Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Surgery?


Wendy Williams liposuction

How does Wendy Williams maintain this craft-like shape? Yes, it’s not something which is done with diet or exercise. She has got her body in shape with the help of a cosmetic surgery procedure, Liposuction. She has successfully managed to lose about 50 pounds.

Liposuction is not that widely used because it’s an invasive, medical procedure where the surgery literally cuts off the excess fat from places where it’s hard to get rid of fat with exercise or diet.

The surgery is for people who would love to wear a certain type of clothes that are exclusively for slim people. Williams too perhaps was in that group of people who wants to try beautiful dresses that reveal body shape. However, this might be one reason William has undergone liposuction. Hey, I might do the same if I couldn’t get rid of from fat and in fact, I’m a lazy woman, too.

Another possible reason is that William has gained weight unexpectedly after the birth of baby Kevin Hunter Jr. The liposuction does make her tummy looks slimmer than ever, giving an enhanced appearance to the bigger pair of breasts. But it’s clear for anyone with common sense that plastic surgery has contributed well in her hourglass figure.

Wendy Williams weight loss before and after
Wendy Williams weight loss before and after.

The worst part of a tummy tuck surgery is that it leaves a scar on your tummy. According to an American plastic surgeon, most tummy tuck surgeries do leave scars but it’s hardly noticeable. Many factors impact the process of fading the scar which includes genetics, how well a surgery is performed, the technique used for the surgery, etc.

Williams tried to cover the tummy tuck scar with a tattoo, which actually raised eyebrows among spectators and it makes others easier to confirm that Williams actually had a liposuction surgery. Read more about it here.

Wendy Williams Facelift

Wendy Williams botox and facelift surgery

Not only breast implants with tummy tuck surgery but Wendy Williams has undergone a couple of cosmetic surgeries on the face as well. The rumors say that the actress has gone through a facelift, cheekbone, and botox procedures, which makes the facial skin tight and helps hide the wrinkles and lines caused by aging.

It appears to me that she’s having a hard time trying to appear young with all these plastic surgery procedures. The face looks frozen due to the botox injection and other lifting procedures. It makes one hard to smile or show emotions as the procedure is supposed to literally tightens the skin.

There’s also comments about eyelid and nose job procedures, but it remains as rumors since there’re no significant changes and Williams has not responded to these rumors.

Ruined the natural beauty

Why should one go with the procedures from breast implants to botox fillers? I don’t think it’s quite necessary for a TV host who’s already popular to have these all. Whatever she has opted, she should have done it in a minimal amount, which could make everything appear natural. The face now seems so frozen, the breasts are enhanced, and the slimmer waist together makes the appearance a bit odd.

What do you think about Wendy Williams and her plastic surgery journey? I would love to hear from you!