Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before And After

Wayne Newton has done plastic surgery. The 72-year-old American singer is rumored to have a series of cosmetic surgeries. It includes blepharoplasty, face lift and a ton of Botox injections. But did it end well? No,  Mr. Las Vegas looks awful after these procedures.

Botox Fillers & Nose Job at this age?

Botox is actually common among Hollywood celebrities who are hitting their forties and plus. But not so common among male celebrities. We have seen only a few like Paul Stanley. But why Wayne Newton has done at this age?

By the way, these are all rumors. Till today, he did not accept any of such  plastic surgery news. And also he opposed it. Well, after going through the old and recent pictures of Wayne, it is quite easy to spot the surgeries he had done.

wayne newton plastic surgery
Wayne Newton plastic surgery

The first one people noticed are his frozen forehead. It seems smooth and shining. Well, a 72-year-old human being forehead was supposed to appear with lines and wrinkles. Yes, it is natural phenomena. But did you spot any lines or any other aging signs? No, because he used a lot of Botox fillers to cover them all.

I don’t think he can able to move his frozen forehead. He lost the natural look of his face. What is he gonna do with this Botox face at this age? Wayne Newton did not really need this at this age. He is too old for plastic surgery. Isn’t he?

And some speculations saying that Wayne had done a nose job. If you compare the old and recent pictures, you can see some sort of changes in his nose. It might be because of a nose job. It seems narrow than before. And the shape also changed a bit.

Eyelid surgery.

Well, the list is not completed yet. There’re some rumors about his eyes also. Did you notice his eyes? There are no fat or dark circles around his eyes. And he’s 72. Normal humans would get wrinkles and lines around eyes. And there’s Wayne with fresh skin and youthful looking eyes. Is it all done by diet or natural way? No friends, he had done eyelid surgery to make it up. Along with the Botox, it made him look like a plastic doll-like face. The un-natural look is just awful.

Everyone knows his age and why he want to hide it? I really did not get the fact why he had done in his seventies. I’m sure that he will regret his decisions one day (Oh my god! I really don’t know when). Wayne newton is a good example for celebrities who have bad luck in plastic surgery. Yes, he ruined her classy face with all these procedures.