Did Vivica Fox Have Plastic Surgery?

The 51-year-old Vivica A. Fox is rumored to have plastic surgery a couple of times, which ended up in an unnatural, fake look. The rumors say that the Indiana-born actress had breast implants, nose job, botox fillers, and lip augmentation surgery procedures. You might think now whether she really had this much number of surgeries.

Vivica Fox is popular as television reality star and film-TV actress as well. Independence day and Set it Off, both release in 1996, are the movies that let Fox prominent in the Hollywood industry. Later, she had appeared in a number of television series, movies, etc., including Idle Hands, Two Can Play That Game, The Cougar, etc.

In 1998, Fox was married to ‘Sixx-Nine’ vocalist Christopher Harvest, but they sadly got divorced in 2002. She then started the relationship with 50 Cent in the year 2003. Even in this age, Fox managed to stay focused on her acting career.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Vivica A Fox Plastic Surgery

The aspiring actress had played with plastic surgery and the results were a mixed bag. Many loved the decision that she had taken about plastic surgery, but negative reviews are also there regarding the results that turned the appearance a little unnatural.

In starting of the 2000s, the obvious changeover was seen on the breasts which got fuller and rounder than before. If you look at the old pictures of Fox, you can see a small pair of breasts. And it seems Fox was not happy with the size and shape of her breasts.

Vivica A Fox Breast Implants

The results of breast augmentation surgery, unfortunately, were not good as expected. There are visible hollows between the breasts, which gives a bit weird appearance. The hollowed area can actually be fixed with fat grafting or breast reconstruction surgery, but it seems Fox doesn’t want to put knives on breasts again.

Fox admitted having breast implants and said she is done with the cosmetic surgery. She commented that she feel like an idiot as she openly admitted and people say that other plastic surgeries are done as well.

Seemingly, the breasts are not the only area that has changed. Though Vivica Fox has only accepted one surgery, it appears that she had visited the plastic surgeon again for anti-aging procedures and other facial enhancements.

Vivica A Fox Botox Fillers

Botox Injection is one among the common anti-aging plastic surgery procedures which are being done by celebrities and common people. It helps keep the facial muscle tight and thereby giving a wrinkle-less appearance. We can see that Fox has tightened, softened skin, especially on forehead and cheeks areas.

Some rumors are about the nose that she had done rhinoplasty. Critics say that the nose got narrowed and pointed than before which is done with a nose job surgery. Rhinoplasty is actually a surgical procedure (not like Botox fillers) and I don’t really think she would do that after the bitter experience of breast implants. Anyway, looking at the pictures of the nose, there are no significant changes.

Vivica A Fox Lip Implants

But there is something that’s not just rumors. That’s her lips which seem more fuller than before. Comparing the before and after photos, it’s evident that Vivica Fox had lip implants surgery. Similar to breast implants, the lips don’t look natural now. The lips were beautiful without the implants but now it’s unnatural and fake. She didn’t really need to do this to the lips.

With all these plastic surgeries, Vivica Fox had results that are both good and bad. Share your comments below.