Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery – Looks Young at 75

Valerie Haper is a woman who is familiar among us from early days – The Mary Tyler Moore Show(1970). She is a great actress, and sadly she was diagnosed with cancer last year. It was a shocking news. But still Valerie has a beautiful smile and young look.

Valerie Haper is aged 71, but her appearance is a woman who is at the 40s.

No wrinkles. No other aging signs

Valerie Harper antiaging surgery

These questions raised among her fans, and of course, she did something to her face. It seems like a good plastic surgery. Look at the photos below.

It is certain that these changes are made from anti-aging plastic surgery procedures like Botox fillers and facelift. Even after the surgeries, she managed to look natural. Many celebrities (at this age) ruined their face with over plastic surgery.

However, she had the surgery only on the face. And we can see the real age in hands. See the photo.

Valerie Harper getting old

Botox Fillers:

If we’re talking about aging and plastic surgery, we can’t ignore Botox. It is more likely that the 71 years old woman had Botox for younger skin. Her skin seems smooth and tight. This could be the result of Botox. It is now widely used among middle-aged and old celebrities for a smooth and youthful skin. Botox never failed to give the results.

Valerie Harper botox

Botox helped to remove wrinkles and lines around frown and cheek area. It looks good, I’d say the surgery worked pretty well. We can’t see much of aging signs on her face.


A facelift is another anti-aging surgery which has been done by many Hollywood celebrities. This is another secret of her clean skin. The facelift is normally used to smoothen wrinkles and aging signs. Technically, it tightens the skin and thus makes the face looks smooth.

Valerie Harper face lift

Valerie Harper plastic surgery

But if you do it in an excess amount, you won’t be able to move facial muscles. That’s why some celebrities couldn’t smile or do any facial expressions after plastic surgery.

However, Valerie Harper had plastic surgery in a minimal amount. So she got good results with a natural look. We can say, the surgery she did was a great success.

Way to go Valerie! Keep up the beautiful smile.