Tara Reid ‘Botched’ Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants & Liposuction FAIL

Tara Reid, the 48-year-old American model, and actress are said to have a series of plastic surgeries which got failed drastically. She had undergone cosmetic procedures including Liposuction and Breast implants.

Failed Breast Implants

The world came to know about Tara Reid‘s bad luck in plastic surgery when she was on Dr. Derik’s birthday party, where she accidently flashed her top, which revealed the bad scars left by the breast implants.

Yes, it was a botched breast implants surgery. Tara Reid admits that it was a poor decision and felt very sad about the surgery. In an interview, Reids said she wanted a C cup and after the surgery, there were few tiny bumps appeared on her breasts. And when she asked about it to the doctor, he said it would get healed over time. But unfortunately, it never healed up itself and got worse, she said.

Tara Reid breast implants

For her, it’s obviously a bad idea to have breast implants, which remained a nightmare for many years. Tara has lost many modelling opportunities due to this failed plastic surgery.

I think it’s because of the wrong plastic surgeon – she could have consulted a better doctor. Tara Reid really didn’t need to do breast implants – it was beautiful anyway.

Many people made fun of her for the bad plastic surgery results. Among is her co-star Jason Biggs said no one knows what’s going on with Tara’s body. It’s true, though. If you look into the pictures of Tara before and after plastic surgery, you could see the changes were drastic.

Liposuction on Stomach

Tara had undergone liposuction in the year 2004 to make her belly look more like of a six pack. Revealed it in an interview that even though she is skinny, she wanted a six pack and had body contouring. But it became a bulgy thing, makes the belly an example for another celebrity plastic surgery fail.
Can anyone get a six pack through plastic surgery?

Tara Reid liposuction surgery
According to Dr. Youn, it’s not possible to get a six pack using plastic surgery. He said, if we make the fat looks like muscles, it would eventually get loosen up and will get worse.
I think he’s telling the fact because that’s why Tara Reid’s belly looks saggy.

Tara Reid face

Painful Recovery and Reconstructive Surgery

However, being an actress, it’s important to maintain beauty. And Tara tried to accomplish it with plastic surgery. She had undergone breast implants and liposuction surgeries, but the results, as you see in the pictures, for both were a drastic failure.

Tara Reid plastic surgery
In 2006, Tara Reid had a reconstructive surgery to fix the damages caused by cosmetic surgeries. It went somewhat successful and she had shown up her body that year on Playboy magazine.

Tara Reid really regrets what she had done to her body. I think she never needed to undergo knives, she was beautiful anyway. What do you think about Tara’s surgery? Share your thoughts in the comment section.