Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before And After

The 64-year-old American celebrity Suzanne Somers had plastic surgery. After going through the pictures of Hollywood actress, it is confirmed that she had undergone Botox fillers and lip implants. It is common among celebrities who are hitting 60.

Everyone knows Suzanne Somers for her famous roles in television series Step by Step and Three’s Company. She starts her career as an actress in the late 1960’s. That was too long before and amazing. Well, the old beautiful star is now aged 64 and wanted to look as she was in back.

So what are the procedures did she taken for youthful appearance?

Botox Fillers: Best Anti-aging Treatment?

When talking about anti-aging and plastic surgery, the first thing comes into one’s mind is Botox injections. Because it is widely used among Hollywood celebrities to get rid of aging signs like frown lines and wrinkles. And we’ve seen many fails and win Botox fillers stories of celebrities.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery

Now, just look at the pictures of Suzanne Somers young and old. Did you see any difference? Or can you spot any aging signs which is normally be found on a 64-year-old woman? No. This is not just another mother nature’s play or any nonsurgical methods. It is none other than Botox!

In reality, Suzanne Somers ruined her face with over use of face lift and Botox fillers. Just look at the pictures of her. The newly plumped face looks so fake and weird. If you use too much Botox, this would be the results. I don’t think she can move her facial skin.

It seems her face is frozen and tight. Botox is used to tighten the skin and thereby covering lines and wrinkles. But still it destroyed the natural look of her face. The cheeks are looking extra shiny and smooth.

Suzanne Somers Botox fillers

This process actually paralyzes muscles of face areas having wrinkles. When you try to move face like smiling or other expressions, the muscle won’t move. It will help to lessen the visibility of wrinkles and this is how it works.

And the funny thing about Suzanne Somers is that she is promoting a face lift machine which promises to give young look without any surgical procedures. And she said that the product helped her from getting plastic surgery. I don’t know what made her face so puffy and swallowed other than surgery.

Lip implants: Bad Results

After shining and young-looking skin, the next noticeable change is her lips. If you look at the pictures of Suzanne Somers, you can see that the size of her lips drastically changed. She upgraded the volume of lips by doing implants.

Suzanne Somers Lip Implants

This new big and fuller lips gives her a Muppet look. Doing Botox and other surgeries to get the young look is ok. But I don’t actually get why she had enhanced her lips at this age. It seems that she had used Restylane as a dermal filler for the implant process. Well, this augmentation helps to get rid of some lines around mouth area in an extent. Unfortunately, this one also has been overly done and results in Muppet look.