Susan Lucci – Looks Fabulous at 67! Is it Plastic Surgery?

America’s famous Television star Susan Lucci has had plastic surgery. Although she is 67-years-old, looks like a woman at her forty. How did she manage to look like this? I’m sure that it’s the way of aging that most women dreamt of.

People often rumored that Susan Lucci had cosmetic surgery and it is the reason behind the youthful skin. After researching a little, have found that she had gone through a couple of surgeries. The changes in her face and breasts are in fact noticeable.

Susan Lucci plastic surgery

In Face – Botox fillers, facelift & Browlift:

So if we’re talking about aging treatments – we just simply can’t avoid Botox fillers. It’s widely accepted as a successful procedure for covering aging signs like wrinkles and frown lines. Along with Botox, there’s breast implants, eyelid surgery, facelift and brow lift.

While considering age, the number of surgeries she had is little high – the risk of getting fail is also high. Fortunately, she had good luck in knives and got the desired results. Keep in mind that she’s a mother of two who are almost 40. And one of them become actress – Liza Huber.

Susan Lucci face lift

It is usual that people who’re going to have facelift also do a browlift. They together work fine and results better. Susan has also done the same and we can see the change in before-after photos.

A browlift is done for removing lines around forehead while face lift is for removing excess skin over cheeks and neck area. If you look at the face, can see that her cheeks have slimmed and forehead lines disappeared. These changes are done by face lift and brow lift procedures.

Well, she hadn’t stopped doing knives.

Does Susan Lucci has had Breast implants?

Though breast implants are not a trend among middle-aged celebrities, there are some reports that Susan had implants. While going through the photos of her, it seems some work has certainly done. She was an owner of a flat chest before augmentation.

Pow! What happened now? See the photo below, can see the volume of the breast has increased. And those were strangely positioned, not looking natural at all. It seems distorted, both were far apart. The size of her breast before implants was small B cup and now it is upgraded to C cup.

Susan Lucci breast implants

The breast implants didn’t make her more attractive, doesn’t suit her body as well. Susan Lucci weighed 43kg, not an average weight required for a 5’2” woman. It could be the results of over exercise and diet. Like she had worked hard and ate almost nothing.

Susan was a classic beauty when appeared in All My Children TV show. I still don’t get why a professionally successful woman went on surgeries and breast augmentation. Does she really felt the lack of confidence? They’re already loved and respected, why would they still need to be young looking?