Salma Hayek Breast implants – Before And After

Hollywood celebrity Salma Hayek has done breast implants. It is not just rumors. While going through the old and recent pictures of her, you can see the changes in size and volume of her breast. It is probably done by breast implants. But the actress did not admit this. Even she agreed or not, it is obviously true that she had breast implants. The new upgraded breasts suit her well and will help to get more fame and fans.

Salma Hayek is an American actress who was born and brought up in Mexico. Started her career in a Mexican film in 1988 and came into Hollywood by 1991. Salma’s epic roles in the movies Wild West and Desperado made future of her acting career safe.

Rumors or True?

Salma Hayek Breast Implants

So, the actress is now aged 46. Can you believe that? She looks incredibly beautiful. But is that real beauty? I agree that she didn’t do anything on her face. But what about her breasts? If you check the old and the recent pictures of her, you can see some changes in breasts. It is probably done by augmentation. The size of her breasts after implants is 30FF.

Just look at the photo above, you can confirm that the rumors you heard about Salma Hayek’s breast implants are not just rumors, it is true only. But in an interview with dailymail, she denied all these plastic surgery rumors. Saying that she doesn’t want to do any Botox or any plastic surgery on her face. It’s all done by cream. Salma didn’t comment anything about breast implants, clever move.

Salma Hayek looks beautiful and stunning with new breasts. We know many celebrities who had overly done these augmentation procedures and made themselves into big fail like Patti Stanger. But she was just opposite because of the perfect amount of Silicone. Congrats to the plastic surgeon who ever done it. It’s a big success. I think she felt good after the work done. It added confidence and self-esteem, you know as a celebrity appearance is an important factor next to talent.