Sally Field Plastic Surgery: For Young & Fresh Skin!

Old beautiful star Sally Field is rumored having plastic surgery. The American actress is now aged 66 and has done surgery procedures including Botox fillers, neck lift, and some laser treatments. Yes, the 66-year-old woman is not looking old. Her skin is kind of fresh and almost wrinkle-less.

Sally Field is known as an actress as well as a director. She started her career in the year 1962. Oh, my god! That’s long back. And has got several awards including Golden Globes and Emme awards. Presently, Sally is working on the movie – The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Ok, the actress looked so young compared to her age. So what are the surgeries she had done to get this youthful appearance?

Sally Field plastic surgery

Botox & Neck lift

If you’re looking for an anti-aging plastic surgery procedure, you can’t skip Botox injections. Yes, it is widely used among celebrities as well as common people as an anti-aging treatment. It makes the skin tighter and thereby almost cover lines and wrinkles around the face. You can actually see on Sally Field’s face. It seems so tight and has a puffy look. This is because of the Botox she had done.

Sally Field before and after

Wrinkles and lines are actually a true process of aging, we all age. And if you’re a celebrity and has money, you can hide them to a certain limit. Botox is a painless treatment and gives fast results, I think that’s why everyone loves it.

After the fillers, her smile seems kind of frozen. The Botox inside her facial skin wouldn’t allow her to smile. It tightens skin too much and one can hardly give a smile. I would say that the plastic surgery she has done is a successful one. We’ve seen many celebrities who ruined their natural beauty by overdoing Botox and other procedures.

Sally Field botox injections

Fortunately, Sally Field had chosen the right surgeon and perfect amount of dermal fillers. She admitted having plastic surgery to an interview. Saying that she had an ego for getting roles and for attaining that, she needed a youthful appearance.

Sally once commented that she don’t want to look old and the real priority is being an actor and to work on more movies. This statement confirms that she had work done. And I admire her because she publicly admitted having plastic surgery. That’s a great thing that comes out from a celebrity.

Sally Field neck lift

Did you see the neck area? Can you find any wrinkles or sagging skin which usually appear on a 66-year-old human? No. The reason that you can’t find any aging signs is that she had done a neck lift. Actually, the sagging skin can’t get cleared with any creams or makeup. The only way to get rid of them is a facelift. Along with Botox, Sally field had done neck lift for better results. It did work well and her neck also seems young compared to her age.