Does Rose McGowan Have Plastic Surgery?

It is rumored that Hollywood celebrity Rose McGowan has had some plastic surgery. Her age is 40 and yeah, you know this is when people start worrying about aging signs. Well, this American actress, as well as a singer, has probably done a couple of plastic surgeries. It includes lip injections, breast implants, eyelid surgery and Botox fillers. Aw yeah! That’s a little big list, right? And the positive side is that her face is not looking so fake. I’m not saying that she got the perfect results. It’s somewhat Ok. While comparing her to some celebs who had failed at plastic surgery, Rose is too lucky for this results. Let’s see some old and recent photos of Rose McGowan.

Rose McGowan plastic surgery
Rose McGowan plastic surgery.

So, how you feel about her? You know, she had rejected all the plastic surgery reports except about the eyes. Why did she admit eyelid surgery?

Celebrities often do plastic surgery for making the look better. Some of them fail and some will get good results. Rose didn’t choose eyelid procedure for a better look or adding beauty. She had met with an accident in the year 2007 and had some injuries around the eye area. Unfortunately, the accident left noticeable scars around eyes. Even I can’t live with injury marks on the face. Then how could a celebrity?

So to get rid of scars, she went for an eyelid surgery. And yeah, the work was good and I think she had the desired results. While flipping through the closeup photos of Rose, it’s hardly little or no accident marks to be found. Kudos to the plastic surgeon who ever done this. Face is everything for an actress. Not only an actress, it’s same for common people also(including me!). And yeah as I said, she had admitted having plastic surgery on eyelids. But what about others? Well, she declined all other rumors.

But people keep saying that she had done something more on her face. Let’s see the photos of her.

Lip Implants

Rose McGowan lip implants

Did you find any difference in the above photo? Well, I can see a plumped lips in the second picture(it is not PS). How could a woman get this fishy lips by doing nothing? It couldn’t be obtained by simply putting makeup or any other temporary treatments. After carefully scanning the picture, it is most probably the results from lip injections. Dermal fillers are injected right into her lips for increasing the volume. I think she had injected for getting big lips. But this one is also not bad. Because the size is actually a medium not too big. I’ve seen some celebs who had overly injected gels into lips and had fishy and weird lips. Fortunately, Rose didn’t do it too much and she had managed to keep the natural look of her face.

Breast Implants

Well, another rumor about our stunning actress is about breasts. Yes, she was good before. But you know, breasts are the second important part of a female celebrity. However, Rose has realized that she had to upgrade the size. And yeah just like other Hollywood female celebrities, Rose had done breast implants and it was totally worth it. The new size is 36C. And it perfectly suits her body structure. I like her implants because most of the celebrities now are choosing large sized implants. Those are actually not good looking and it gives a weird and fake appearance.

Rose McGowan breast implants


Of course, there are no wrinkles. What could be the reason? I know she is even not at the age of wrinkles. But her face seems different than before. It now has a plumbed look. The overly shining cheeks tell she had injections. But why? It’s not the time for getting Botox as she is only forty. She doesn’t really need this. Actually, I didn’t like this move because it almost ruined her beauty giving a plastic face. It’s not sure that she had Botox or facelift. The facial skin seems tight and smooth, probably by fillers. Among all the four surgeries she had, this one is the worst one. Rose should regret about having Botox done. If she had skipped the Botox, she would look beautiful and natural