Paula White Plastic Surgery – Natural Looks!

Paula White is a famous evangelist in America. You’ll be guessing, in a celebrity blog, what we have to do with a pastor. Well, if you go through her recent photos, you can see her appealing smooth skin. Even though she is going to be fifty, her face seems youthful and clean with no lines.

Some believe that plastic surgery is what made her appearance this good. And yes, there’s another group which believes it is all gift of God. What do you think?

Paula White plastic surgery

Of course, it is plastic surgery. Though, Paula White didn’t admit having cosmetic surgery done. Being an evangelist, why she had to spend all these money on plastic surgery than helping poor people?

This question has been raised by so many critics and they believe that for Paula, being a ‘woman of God’, does it necessary to improve appearance when the ‘God’ looks on the heart. It triggered me, and I’ve done some research about her. What I found was some photos which probably didn’t look like of an evangelist, but as of a Hollywood celebrity. Well, it is none of my business, just saying.

Paula white face

There’s also another incident happened to her life relating plastic surgery. As you know, botox and facelift are costly. And her boyfriend claims that Paula had stolen his two million dollars worth of equipment. This is done for plastic surgery, says her boyfriend. However, I’m not sure how much of this is true. (You can read the full story here)

So, below are the possible surgery procedures Paula had undergone:

Botox injections & Facelift

Okay, you know, if it is about anti-aging and a celebrity, you just can’t go without botox and face lift. See the photos, the skin is kinda tight and frozen. But I’d say the plastic surgeon had done in a normal amount and that’s why it didn’t look weird. The results of surgery were amazing because it is hard to find whether she had work done or not.

Also, Paula seems so happy, confident and proud about the appearance. You could see that in photos. Hey, yes, she looks beautiful with plastic surgery than many other celebrities. Awesome, right?

Breast implants Rumors?

Paula White

There is also some people who talk about her that she have breast implants. However, on comparing her recent photos with old, it is quite hard to say if she had or not. You guys help me on this. What do you think? Maybe Paula is using a push-up bra. Or if it is a procedure, I think it is rather breast lifting than implants. I said so because if it was implanted, it would have little more volume. And for this size, there’s no need for breast augmentation, I guess.

However, Paula white has not admitted any of these plastic surgeries. And these remain still as rumors.

  • lucenatraveler

    Paula White looks quite good. Too bad she’s a con artist