Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery: American Star child of KISS band

Paul Stanley (Stanley Harvey Eisen) from the most over-rated rock band KISS has some plastic surgery on face. The vocalist, Paul, always use white paint while performing. Does he use white paint as a style or to cover terrible surgery fail story ?

Well, Paul Stanley is an example for celebrity plastic surgery fail. Everyone loves his awesome and energetic performance on the stage. Well, personally I’m not a KISS fan.

As you know, every members in the band wear mask or some white paint thing. Their mask look crazy and funny.

Paul Stanley Before Plastic Surgery

With or without plastic surgery world love their music and live performance. They’re one of the bands from 80’s which influenced some popular bands in present.

What are the surgeries he has undergone ?

He has done face lift, eyelid surgery, nose job and lip implants. Famous plastic surgeon Dr.Michael Salzhauer said that Paul had some procedures of face-plastic surgery and it seems getting bad. His face is now looks wither and shaggy because of the overly done face lift and results puffed look.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before & After

Only positive thing he got in plastic surgery is the removal of wrinkles around is eyes. Not at all successful, bad luck,  eyes now looks weird and wide. And his new nose and plumbed lips not suits him well. Overall he just wasted his money and more than that, and turned his face into awful one.

The rock star – hard rock guitarist is not young. He started aging and got wrinkles on face and has baggy eyes. Paul Is now age 60 and I don’t get why a “rock” vocalist has undergone plastic surgery? He should be like “I don’t give a f**k about my look”.

But unfortunately, he has done cosmetic surgeries, not one, many. He is kind of addicted to it.

Cosmetic Surgery Fail

And it results in bad and weird look. Go through pictures of him before and after cosmetic surgery, you can see the changes in his face. It is so weird. He might look better without those surgeries. Now he have to wear the mask to cover the tragedy that happened in his face.

Paul Stanley After Plastic Surgery

Every celebrity at 60 are tending to have face lift and other treatments to look young. They just don’t want to get old. But why? Everyone knows their age and you know what, most of the cosmetic surgeries(include chemical peeling & laser treatments) at an age above 50 result fail only.

He is one of the top hundred metal vocalists of all time. But he is not at all happy with the look of his face. Nobody knows how Stanley looks in real as they always put white paint.

His band mate, Gene Simons also had plastic surgery. And both were fail only. Let’s hope that he won’t do anything further on his face.

What do you think about the changes? Does appearance really matters to rock singer?