Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Disaster!

American actress Nikki Cox has done plastic surgery. The 35-year-old celebrity has undergone lip implants, eyelid surgery, and breast implants. But can you believe she had done all these cosmetic procedures? Oh, now you will think these are just rumors. No, these are true only. I said so because while going through the old and recent pictures, we can spot a lot of changes in her appearance.

Lip Implants: The worst!

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

The first noticeable change people spotted in 90’s star was her lips. She used to have small and lips of a normal human being. But now it turned to a muppet like one. See the photos, it seems fuller than before. It has been done by lip augmentation only. The process is done by injecting dermal fillers right into lips and thereby increasing the volume. Sadly she was another victim of lip implants fail.

It is ugly and would look better without the injections done. Isn’t it? Natural ones are always better. We’ve seen many celebrities who had faced their worst luck in plastic surgery life. Nikki Cox is another unlucky celebrity who had ruined her face by undergoing plastic surgery. Well, not too bad but still she looks so odd and fake. She used to be look cute and had a genuine smile before. Nikki really did not have to mess up her face by doing this.

Breast Implants: It’s OK.

Have you noticed her breast in before and after photos? Her size of breasts got changed. Nikki Cox had done breast implants also. The new fuller and tear drop shaped breasts suits her well. In old photos, all we can see is a pair of saggy breasts. And now it is more rounded and has more volume. It could be done by breast augmentation only.

Well, it is not looking weird or fake. The reason for this natural look is that she had done it in a normal amount. The new size is 34DD. That is actually normal among celebrities. Mostly the celebrities choose 36DD or more. Fortunately, our celebrity Nikki’s decision was perfect. It suits with her 5’7″ body height.

 But some people are saying her breasts are real and the change was made by using a push-up bra. While going through the pictures, I can’t believe it. There’s a big change in volume, which can’t be easily done by alternative methods.

Eyelid surgery: But why?

The next thing about Nikki Cox is her eyes. Her eyes seem wide and open. And the eyebrows also have a healthy and more stuffy look. She probably has done eyelid surgery to widen her eyes. Nikki thought that the narrow eyes would make her more beauty. Unfortunately, her failed lip implants ruined the beauty of the whole face.

Nikk Cox has not admitted any of these plastic surgery procedures. Saying that she had not done anything to her face. What do you think? The big lips and breast are made by mother nature?