Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery: Secret To Youthful Appearance?

Another American actress who is famous for the movie Little house on the Prairie has probably done some cosmetic work. Yes, Melissa Gilbert has undergone plastic surgery and looks beautiful at this age of 49. One doesn’t believe that she’s going to hit 50.

What helped her to have this youthful appearance? Most probably it is plastic surgery. I would say that she did a good choice in selecting the plastic surgeon and also the procedure. It’s a successful one. She has got a young look without looking like a plastic doll. Many celebrities at their 50 are doing surgeries and most of them messed up their faces by overdoing the process.

So, what exactly she had done?

    1. Botox Fillers
    2. Lip Implants
    3. Breast Implants
    4. Nose Job
Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery
Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery

Botox: No wrinkles, no lines

After going through the photos of Melissa, her face seems super shining and smooth. Only Botox could make those changes. Famous plastic surgeon Anthony Young commented that Melissa surely had done injections, but it was a temporary solution. He said so because if you use Botox to cover lines and wrinkles, you should inject them at a regular interval of time. Like six months or three months. And yeah, it is costly too. Well, money is not a problem for celebrities.

Lips got changed, little

There are some changes in her lips also. It looks kinda puffed than before. It is because of the lip injections she had. This one is also a good move. She had not missed her face by doing more fillers into lips. I’ve seen some celebrities whose lips are looking weird after having lip implants. Because they had inserted too many fillers. It actually makes you look weird and is not attractive. Luckily, Melissa Gilbert has taken a clever decision on lips. It looks so normal and yeah, beautiful. By the way, it is not sure that she had work done on lips. It might be because of the makeup. Whatever, those changes in lips suits her face. Kudos to the plastic surgeon/ makeup artist whoever done this.

Melissa Gilbert Botox injection

Nose Job

Melissa had nose job also. Just look at the photos of her. The nose has big differences. A celebrity can easily change their looks with makeup and plastic surgery. Oh sorry, not only celebrities, we can also do that. But we, common people, can’t afford the bills. Oh, leave it, whatever the Hollywood celebrity Melissa has done work on the nose. I’ve posted the photos for comparison, have a look.

I would say that the nose job is also a good decision. It looks better than before and it doesn’t look odd. Her plastic surgeon carefully done this work. And yeah, I think she got the desired results.

Breast Implants

Melissa Gilbert breast implants

So, what else did she had? Something happened to her breasts. The rumors spreading paparazzi are saying that she had done breast augmentation. Is that true? Or just another rumors? I don’t know. Look at her breasts, you can see some changes in size and shape. It is now fuller and rounded than before. Well you know it could be done by implants only. Or push-up bras? Anyway, this upgrade added the beauty of the actress and yeah it doesn’t look so fake. Well, Melissa Gilbert didn’t confirm about these plastic surgery reports. These all are just speculations and rumors. I too don’t know whether it is true or lie. You decide after seeing the pictures.