Has Meg Ryan had Plastic Surgery?

The 55-year-old American actress Meg Ryan has always been subject to plastic surgery stories. It turns out that the stories are not just stories but facts. One can find it out just by comparing past and present photos of Meg Ryan.

Experts believe that Meg Ryan had done a couple of plastic surgery procedures. In fact, the overdoing of plastic surgery result in a face that appears unnatural and frozen.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

The surgeries didn’t give pleasing results, many seem to believe that she looked better without plastic surgery. The changes happened to her face are irreversible, however.

The botched plastic surgery has disappointed many of Ryan’s fans, and as you know, people doesn’t love Ryan for what she looks like. It’s her great acting performance in romantic movies that makes Ryan a popular celebrity. City of Angels, The Doors, Courage Under Fire are few of the most successful movies of the actress.

The changes in her facial appearance were noted in June 2016 at the Tony Awards show. The people presented there were in awestruck to see that their favorite actress had undergone plastic surgery, with poor results.

Cheek Fillers

Meg Ryan Cheek Fillers

The most noticeable change in Ryan’s face is the enhanced cheeks. It’s plumped up with fillers, most likely with Juvederm or Restylane. This helps Ryan to get rid of the sunken cheeks which she had. However, the new fuller cheeks did give a ‘plastic’ look to the face and it makes obvious that the Meg Ryan has done plastic surgery on the face. This is clearly evident when she do facial expressions, like laughing.

There are two types most people use: fillers and facial fat transfer. I’m not sure which method is used as the celebrity had not commented anything on plastic surgery. It would have been much better if Ryan didn’t inject synthetic fillers or fat into the cheeks.

Nose Job

Meg Ryan Nose Job

Ryan didn’t stop with cheek fillers. Plastic surgeons have a view that the celebrity had undergone rhinoplasty as well, which is why there’s a significant change in the shape of her nose. In earlier years, the nose was kind of rounded and is not in a good shape. But now, look at her nose, it’s pointed and is in symmetrical to the face. This change must have been done with the help of rhinoplasty, one of the popular plastic surgeries opted by Hollywood celebrities. If you ask me, I would say this procedure is not really needed for Ryan. The nose was just beautiful before. There’s no need to have a cut to look like it’s pointed.

Botox fillers in Lips and Forehead

Meg Ryan Botox

Along with cheek fillers and nose job, the actress had done Botox fillers on the forehead and lips. The fillers gave a muppet-like shape to the face with plumped lips and it did worse effects rather than help improve the beauty or stay young. Ryan’s face would be much better without all these procedures and people would still love her for the talent. If she did it in a negligible amount and was a little more careful in opting plastic surgery, the results would have been much better.