Has Mary Tyler Moore Had Plastic Surgery on her Face?

Mary Tyler Moore is another American actress who had plastic surgery for younger looks. She had undergone several surgeries including Botox fillers, facelift, and a nose job. After going through the photos of her, we could say the surgery was kind of fail. She now looks like of a wax figure.

Tyler was really cute before surgery. The knives ruined her natural beauty. I read news about Mary Tyler that she was suffering from Diabetes and it caused some problems in eyesight also. It was reported by her friend – Betty White. Then I had browsed some photographs of the actress. And I was like “What happened to your face?” It is certain that Mary had plastic surgery more than one time. The face was kind of swollen.

Mary Tyler Moore plastic surgery

You know she is 77-year-old. But the cheeks are smooth and there’s hardly any wrinkles. Well, you know it could be done by plastic surgery only. She had her first cosmetic surgery in 2009. The face is so pumped with Botox.

Mary Tyler is a wonderful woman. I love her TV show –  The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But I don’t get why a woman like her had plastic surgery. She was beautiful in her own way – natural. By doing plastic surgery, the face turned somewhat weird, sorry to say but still it is awful.

Mary Tyler had Facelift & Botox fillers

Mary Tyler Moore face lift

A seventy years old woman looks young and has smooth skin, how? It can’t be done without Botox fillers and facelift. But I’d say she had too much Botox. If the plastic surgeon injected Botox in a normal amount, the results also would be normal and barely anyone could recognize about the plastic surgery. If you overuse Botox, you’ll probably end up with a wax-like face. Always do fillers in a normal amount so your face will remain natural and original.

Along with Botox and face lift, Mary Taylor had nose job also. Her face seems so tight that she barely can move the facial muscles. Many celebrity plastic surgeons commented that her puffed face is a result of fail plastic surgery and lifting procedures.

Lip injections: are they good?

Mary Tyler Moore nose job

See her lips, it is plumped with injections. By comparing the old and recent pictures of Mary Tyler, we could see some changes. The volume and size of her lips changed noticeably. Just go through the photos that were taken before and after plastic surgery. Before she had normal sized lips which are naturally beautiful. But she decided to make it big with lip injections which resulted in fake look. The lip implants disappointed many fans including me.