Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery – Wonder Woman At Her 60 & Still Young

The Hollywood actress Lynda Carter has done plastic surgery. She’s now aged 61 and like other American celebrities, Lynda also chose knives to cover her wrinkles and lines. These are actually formed naturally because of aging.

You know Carter for her famous roles in Television series “The New Original Wonder Woman” & “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman” at the time of early 70’s. This made her very popular and got many fans for her amazing performance.

Lynda is known for being the Miss World USA in the year 1972. Just think, Miss World, so you can guess how much she would care about her beauty and appearance. Well, she didn’t mess up her face. The cosmetic surgery made her looks stunning just like her young ages. You can check the pictures of her early years and the recent ones.

So what are the procedures she’d gone through?

Lynda Carter botox fillers

Facelift & Botox Implants

Almost every celebrities are scared about this age, the 50 and above. Because at these ages there would be wrinkles, lines and sagging skins around the face. In order to cover wrinkles, one should probably go for Botox and facelift. Yes, she’d done these surgeries and it helped her to hide the frown lines.

Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after

Check the pics of her carefully, did you see any marks of aging or lines? That’s because of the works she was done.

She has undergone a special type of laser treatment called Fraxel. This made her facial skin shining and youthful. One famous plastic surgeon commented that there’s no way to find about laser treatments of a celebrity because they use makeup to cover it.

Okay, we’ve discussed the surgeries and procedures she’d undergone. But did she admitted these rumors?

Lynda Carter plastic surgery

Lynda Carter said that she had not done any plastic surgery. She also added that why did she would make her look weird by undergoing cosmetic surgeries herself. She believes that surgeries are monstrous. It’s not about the money, but about the appearance and healthy skin.

You can add Lynda to the list of celebrities who has done plastic surgery successfully. Because she looks young compared to her age.