Loni Anderson Had Plastic Surgery, But Why Breast Reduction ?

American celebrity Loni Anderson has had a couple of plastic surgeries. The 72-year-old Hollywood actress has undergone lip implants, breast reduction, nose job and face lift. Well, we didn’t saw her out of the house for a long time. But recently camera caught her while she was shopping. And that time, the world spotted the plastic surgery also. Loni looks stunning at this age, she is 72. Normally at this age, everyone’s skin would get wrinkles and sag. But not in the case of her.

What is the secret behind her youthful look ?

Certainly it is because of the cosmetic surgeries. It seems that she had spent a big amount of money on surgery. And I would say that her surgery was a successful one. Because most celebrities who had work done at this age have a fake and weird results. They should feel jealous about Loni’s natural look.

So, what are the procedures did the actress had done to keep the young skin?

Loni Anderson plastic surgery

Nose Job

If we compare the old pictures with the new one, we can see some differences in her nose. Her nose got narrowed and got thinner than before. It is because of the rhinoplasty process. It is not used as an anti-aging, I think she just didn’t like her nose.

There were some tweaks done around the nasal bridge. The actress is satisfied with the results of the rhinoplasty. Yes, we are happy too.

Botox & Lip Implants

The facial skin is tight and fresh looking. And it is glowing and no wrinkles or baggy skin. She got this fresh skin by injecting Botox into them.  Plastic surgeons used Restylane as fillers and it made the skin tighter and soft.

The classic beauty has blonde hair and fuller lips.Well, it is not by natural anyway. The lips are fuller because of injections. Cosmetic surgeon probably used fillers(Restylane) for the procedure. And this process is called lip plumping.

Loni Anderson before breast reduction Loni Anderson lip implants

Breast Reduction

It is rumored that she has reduced her breasts. Well, before going into this, let me tell you one thing.
Now, every celebrity tends to have big sized breast implants. But after few years, they face some health problems because of it. And to cure, they were compelled to remove the implants.

Loni Anderson breast reduction

This is what happened in Loni’s story, she removed the implants. Her bosom size went back to normal. With or without implants, she is looking good.

The celebrity rejected all these cosmetic surgery rumors. But the pictures tell the just opposite.