Did Lisa Vanderpump Have Plastic Surgery?

Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump has been in the news of plastic surgery for a while. It’s rumored that the 55-year-old British celebrity has undergone procedures including a nose job, breast implants, facelift, botox fillers, and lip augmentation. But do all these rumors true? Is the youthful look of Lisa Vanderpump acquired with the help of cosmetic surgery procedures?

Breast Implants

Lisa Vanderpump breast augmentation Lisa Vanderpump breast implants

After seeing the big sized breasts of Lisa, it seems obvious for many to think that Lisa’s breasts are fake and are plumped with Saline or Silicone. The breasts are pretty big for her comparing to the body structure and it makes everyone speculate that the breasts are fake. Even though the breasts look so round in shape and with good volume, believe me, Lisa doesn’t have any breast augmentation.

Yes, you heard me right. It’s all just rumors and furthermore, Lisa has openly admitted in an interview that she didn’t have implants and the breasts are real – means the size she has got is genetic, a gift from the mother nature. And she stated that she didn’t pay for it, indirectly means those are real. Lisa seems almost frustrated with people spreading rumors about breast implant – that it’s the reason why it looks noticeably big.

Well, if you ask me, I would have said the same considering the size. However, the truth is Lisa didn’t have breast implants.

Nose Job – Another Rumor?

Lisa Vanderpump Nose Job

The breast implants are not the only thing that she has gotten into the world of rumors and speculations. Some fans of her believe that her pointed nose is done with a nose job aka rhinoplasty. Well, Lisa denied this procedure as well saying that she has got real breasts and all except some procedures on the face. And it seems to me that she didn’t require anything to do on her nose to make it beautiful. It’s in a well-shape however.

Nose job procedure is primarily used to correct deformities caused by accidents or born defects. And many of the celebrities have undergone this procedure. Amanda Bynes for example where she makes use of it to get a narrowed, pointed nose.

Possible Lip implants


Lisa Vanderpump Lip Implants

Are there any changes you can see on Lisa’s lips? It seems to me that the lips are fuller now than before. It might be with the help of fillers like Restylane or Juvederm which is used commonly by celebrities to enhance lips. We’ve seen many Hollywood celebrities who did too much plastic surgery on lips and ended with a weird look. Fortunately, it’s not the case with Lisa Vanderpump. I’m not sure whether she had lip augmentation surgery or not but she didn’t mess it up with anything like overuse of fillers.

Lisa Vanderpump Facelift and Botox Fillers


Lisa Vanderpump Botox


Lisa Vanderpump Facelift


What’s the secret of Lisa Vanderpump’s beauty?

Lisa is a woman who has a view that exercise along with a low-carb diet will help prevent aging signs, which is true to an extent. She said in a talk that everyone above 40 should do exercise regularly, don’t take carbs at night, and points these proudly as the secrets of the youthful appearance.

The only plastic surgery procedure Lisa admitted to undergone is botox fillers. She even said that a bucket of Botox is used on her face – and there are no signs of facelift surgery. It’s obviously to hide aging signs like wrinkles and lines. It doesn’t give an odd or unnatural look since she did it in an optimal amount, which is a clever decision. Addition to the Botox injections, Lisa uses Retinoic acid, which helps remove dead cells from the skin (this procedure is commonly known as exfoliation).

With or without plastic surgery, I must agree that Lisa Vanderpump looks gorgeous for the age. What do you think about the procedures? Leave your comments!