Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before And After

Hollywood actress Lauren had done plastic surgery. It is rumored that she had done breast implants and some Botox fillers. Seriously at this age? No. Done it before years. So how much of that gossips are true?

lauren holly plastic surgery

So, our old Hollywood celebrity is middle-aged now. Lauren is 46 years old. Can you believe that she is going to hit 50? The facial skin looks so fresh and young. People started speculating that she got some work done on her face. Maybe it true because you can’t find any aging signs like wrinkles or baggy eyes on her face. Go through the pictures and decide. The procedure used is probably Botox fillers which are used widely among middle-aged celebrities who were not willing to look aged.

The next rumor was about Lauren Holly breast implants(not just rumors!). If you compare the recent photos of her with the old one, you can see a big change in size and shape of her breasts. Probably it is because of the breast implants. Well, it has been done in a perfect amount and hence it looks not much weird. New un-natural breasts size is 34D. It could be easily spot in the movie “Down Periscope” where she appeared in a tight army shirt with buttons open. You know nowadays many celebrities are undergoing knives and make themselves an ugly muppet. But our great Lauren Michael Holly didn’t do anything like other stupid celebrities.

Lauren Holly Breast Implants

lauren holly breast implants
Lauren Holly plastic surgery – before and after.

Presently most celebrities would disagree having any type of plastic surgery. Fortunately, Lauren was not the one like others, she admits and said that she was very happy with those implants done. Yeah, it is true. After the surgery, she seems very satisfied and it surely added confidence and self-esteem to her. I think she longed for it. It is good that all procedures ended well and got good results.

Lauren Holly is actually a Canadian actress who was born in America. Started her career in the year 1983. In 1994 she got popular and got many fans through the movie Dumb and Dumber. Well, it was a good comedy movie. And personal life, she is an ex-wife of legendary Jim Carrey. Another famous movie of her is Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Yeah, got a chance to work with Lee!).