Has Kelly Ripa had Plastic Surgery?

Have you ever wondered how Kelly Ripa looks beautiful and youthful at the age of 46? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who wonders about the secrets of Ripa’s smooth and wrinkle-less skin. It seems that the American celebrity, who is famous for the ABC’s morning talk show, has had plastic surgery, just like other Hollywood celebrities who are about to hit the 50s.

One of the popular TV talk shows that she hosts is the ‘Live with Kelly’, which has received quite a good response from viewers from all over the United States. The show was originally started in 1988 and Ripa has appeared in more than 1700 episodes.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery

Botched Botox Fillers.

Kelly Ripa is one among the few Hollywood celebrities who has the courage to disclose about the plastic surgery part of life. Initially, there were a lot of rumors about the Hope and Faith star that she had a couple of cosmetic surgeries to have her skin clean, without any lines or wrinkles. Recently, Ripa has commented that she had a botched botox in her early years, which gives her a frozen face, unable to move the facial muscles. And that’s one bad news.

Kelly Ripa Face

If you ask me whether Kelly Ripa really needed to undergo Botox injections, I would say it’s not actually required. As you know, Ripa is one of the hardworking celebrities, who strictly do follow a healthy diet and other workout plans. It would be more awesome if she would have kept her face all natural, without any Botox injected into it.

However, the change seems permanent. The face is frozen, she cannot smile or move the facial muscles. As I mentioned above, she had revealed it in an article. Does this give Ripa a youthful appearance? Yes, but it does come with some disadvantages.

The face is not the only area where Kelly Ripa had botox fillers. The American celebrity has admitted that she had injected botox into the armpit as a treatment for excessive sweating. Yes, botox is used for severe underarm sweating (Hyperhidrosis). It works in a way that the botox blocks the glands which are responsible for the sweat and thereby reducing the sweating.

Kelly Ripa Botox Fillers

Ripa has injected botox into the eyelid, which makes the eyes look wider than before. The botox can help lift the eyebrow and thereby makes the eyes appear open, which gives a refreshing look to the face.

Nose Job and Breast Implants Rumors

The botox injections is a clever decision for her as she has got pretty results, unlike other celebrities who messed up with plastic surgery. There are rumors about Ripa that she had a nose job and breast implants surgery, but it seems like those are just ‘rumors’ and there are no sufficient evidence that support it.

Whatever surgery she had undergone, the results were beautiful. And she maintains the body shape as well, which makes Ripa looks youthful. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section.