Katie Couric – Younger Looking Skin with Plastic Surgery

Katie Couric is a famous news anchor in America – worked for NBC News, CBS News and ABC News. She has beautiful and young-looking face that people started spreading rumors that she did plastic surgery.

In fact, Katie didn’t admit it. While going through the photos of her, it seems she did something to her face.

Katie Couric started the career in the year 1979(57 years old). Yes, she is going to turn sixty.

Katie Couric plastic surgery

Katie looks too beautiful for this age. It is either plastic surgery or good genes that make her looks young. Well, I don’t believe that a diet or good gene can make a woman this younger at this age. If so, there could be some aging signs. See her skin, it is clean and can’t find any frown lines and wrinkles.

There’s probably only one solution that could make an almost sixty-year woman looks young and that’s plastic surgery. It has been said that she did Botox injections and face lift. The sad thing is Katie Couric didn’t comment anything about these cosmetic surgery procedures.

Katie Couric smooth skin after plastic surgery

Does Katie Couric really have plastic surgery?

If you ask me, I’d say yes. Her face seems extremely smooth and tight. There’s no wrinkles or lines. Women who are at their fifties normally will start to have aging signs like frown lines and sagging skin. But see Katie’s face, there are no marks. The skin is like of a thirty-five-year-old woman. Hollywood celebrities will love to have a skin like hers.

Katie Couric plastic surgery

Katie Couric face lift

Botox is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about plastic surgery. It has been used by many celebrities for a youthful appearance. I think Katie also did Botox and facelift – the secret behind the glowing skin. As being a TV host, she has to face camera quite often and so it is important to stay beautiful & young.

Anyways, the surgery she did was a great success. I said so because there are no signs of plastic surgery. The face seems completely natural and she can move facial muscles. Many celebrities have frozen face because of overuse of Botox injections. But Katie had used the perfect amount of Botox and face lift.