Katherine Kelly Lang Plastic Surgery – True or Just Rumors?

The Bold and Beautiful Katherine Kelly Lang has undergone plastic surgery. The rumors are saying that the American actress has gone through a facelift and Botox. Let me tell you one thing first, these all are just rumors. Katherine didn’t admit any of these plastic surgery stories. So, we can’t confirm this. Well, we can just go through the old and recent pictures of her. And can examine the changes that happened to her face.

Botox and Facelift

Katherine Kelly Lang Botox Fillers

You know her age? Can you believe that she is 52? So what’s the secret behind this youthful facial skin? People started rumoring that the smoothness and freshness of her face are done by plastic surgery. While some people saying that she maintain her beauty by strict diet and exercise. I don’t think so, how can one look this young at this age without plastic surgery? If that’s true, then why most of the actresses at their middle age doing surgery?

See the pictures of her, the skin seems smooth and fresh. So probably she has injected some Botox into the face. You know, Botox tightens the skin and thereby it hides most of the wrinkles and lines around the face. After having Botox, patient’s face would have a frozen look. Katherine’s face also seems little frozen and tighten. Only injections can do that.

Katherine Kelly Lang plastic surgery

Katherine in an interview said that she is against having plastic surgery because of the side effects. Well by comparing the pictures of her, it says the just opposite. Her facial skin has an urge to tell the procedures she had done. But yeah, you know she is a celebrity and should try to hide the plastic surgery stories. I don’t know why all these Hollywood celebrities are not ready to reveal about it, even it could be easily found by looking at their faces. If she had done or not, there’s certainly a true fact that her face got a lot changed than before.