Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Before & After – Rumors Or True?

Stunning Hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale has undergone plastic surgery. The celebrity from Britain has done two surgeries. They are breast implants and lip injections. But is this all true or just another rumors?

Basically, she is from Britain but has many fans from America and all over the world. She started her career in some TV series. Later came into Hollywood movies and her famous blockbusters are Total Recall, Contraband, Underworld: Awakening. And still she’s rocking in the film industry.

The actress is 39-year-old now. So to keep her face fresh and young, she had some works done. While comparing the pictures of her, you can see the changes in the face and yeah, in breasts also. A famous celebrity plastic surgeon commented that she surely had done some work on the face.

kate beckinsale teeth

And people started talking about her new well-shaped teeth also. Yes, if you check the pictures you can see the changes in her teeth. Before her teeth is like little distorted. But now it’s perfect. It has been done by cosmetic dentist procedures. It seems that she had also done teeth whitening. Whatever the whole process made her smile bright and better than ever before. It was a good decision.

Breast Implants

kate beckinsale breast implants

The next noticeable change about Kate Beckinsale is her breasts. The size and volume of her breast increased. This is done by breast implants and after she looks gorgeous. And the new size of her breast is 34B.

And you know what’s the funny part in this whole story? She has not admitted any of these plastic surgery procedures.

Kate said in an interview to the Sunday Express that nothing bothers her except rumors of being a woman who had cosmetic surgery, that shows insecurity and she doesn’t feel good with the plastic surgery very much. She said that she doesn’t want to look perfect with the help of any artificial methods.

Kate also added that those rumors might have popped out because of exposing off her stretch marks she got after pregnancy. And she uses push up bra and that is the reason behind the lifted – up breasts.

I don’t think that she got fuller breasts just by using push-up bras. It is surely by the silicone gels.

kate beckinsale plastic surgery

Lip Implants

Addition to breast implants, she has undergone lip implants also. Everyone loves her fuller lips. Is this natural or by some kind of implants ?

See the pictures, her lips seem beautiful now. It might be because of the lip augmentation effect. It is done by injecting fillers directly into lips. After the process, the lips look more pumped and full. The new lips suit her well, increased her self-esteem and confidence.

But till today, there is no strong evidence to prove the rumors. There are no drastic changes in her appearance, maybe she said was true. I said so because the makeup procedures got advanced and literally it can change the appearance of the face. But not in the case of breasts.