Did Julie Bowen have Plastic Surgery?

American actress Julie Bowen, who is famous for the NBC television show Ed, looks beautiful than ever. Do you know what her age is? She is 46. What could be the secret of her smooth skin with zero wrinkles and no other aging signs? Let’s find out.

Nobody could forget her role as ‘Carol Vessey’ in the Ed or ‘Claire’ in the Modern Family, a well-known comedy television series. She is one of the actresses in Hollywood that handle comedian roles with a full heart, and she has got awards and nominations including Primetime Emmy Awards. With a successful career in the television industry, Bowen began the big screen career with the movie ‘Happy Gilmore’.


Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

Julie Bowen is married to Scott Phillips – not someone from the movie industry, he is a software developer. The couple has three children, and recently there are rumors that they are having some marriage troubles. But it later confirmed that it’s all just rumors and they are happily celebrating their 12 year marriage anniversary.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

It’s in everyone’s mind that there must be something Julie Bowen has been hiding from us about the fresh face of hers. I mean, how could one look so beautiful and youthful at the age of 46. As we all know, there are plastic surgery procedures that help reduce aging signs on the face as well as other parts of the body. And such cosmetic surgery methods are being done by popular Hollywood celebrities, regardless of their age. But there’s something common in most of them is how well a plastic surgery is performed.

Many of the Hollywood celebrities who have done plastic surgery, ruined their appearance with overuse of Botox and improper facelift surgeries.

However, Bowen has a face which is smooth and free of wrinkles, and it looks natural than ever. But is it all because of the diet she follows or the good genes that she has? Well, it might not be the case.


Julie Bowen Botox Fillers

Laser Treatment

With all the plastic surgery rumors spread over, Bowen had admitted that she had done laser treatment to smoothen the face. It’s usually done to clear out wrinkle lines on the face. The procedure helps reduce facial wrinkles and forehead lines. It’s also used to get rid of acne scars.

It’s a popular anti-aging treatment method followed by common people as well as celebrities. The treatment is effective to diminish wrinkle lines around eyes, forehead, etc. And since it’s a nonsurgical method, it’s not possible to spot easily whether one had undergone laser treatment or not.

Julie Bowen Facelift

Breast Implants

When she was spotted at the 47th Vanguard Awards, she seems to have a fuller, rounded pair of breasts, which is a lot different than what she used to have. What could she have done to make the breasts appear fuller? Is it because that she is a mother of three (pregnancy does change breast size)? Well, it seems to me that Bowen has had breast implants. And if she has done so, it’s with a minimal volume of saline or silicon, which makes it hard for us to decide whether she had actually undergone breast implants or not.


Julie Bowen Breast Implants

Facelift & Botox


Breast implants and laser treatments are not the only rumors on Julie Bowen. Many believe that the perfect skin she has is the results of a combination of multiple plastic surgery methods including facelift, botox injections, and a nose job. These procedures remain to be as rumors as we don’t have enough evidence that supports it.

Does Julie Bowen have plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.