Has Julia Roberts Had Plastic Surgery ?

Julia Roberts is another Hollywood celebrity who denies plastic surgery rumors. But there are many speculations that she had plastic surgery. However, she looks enormously beautiful compared to the age, which is good. She’s forty-eight-year-old.
People say that a couple of cosmetic surgeries have been done by Julia Roberts. Let’s look into it.

Julia Roberts plastic surgery

Pulled Lips – Surgical Lip-lift.

Many believe that Julia Roberts had thin lips when she was young. I had seen comments that whenever she smiles, her lips would get disappeared, because of the size of the lips. If that’s the case, it’s quite obvious that she did something to her lips.
But it’s still not a good idea to say just from high-school pictures. I mean, we can’t say it’s by plastic surgery. Facial features can change over time.
However, at present, she has fuller and luscious lips. Was this done by lip injections?

Julia Roberts fuller lips
If it’s lip implants, that’s what Dolly Parton done on her lips. Anyway, Julia’s lips look so perfect and one doesn’t easily find that she had surgery on her lips. Oops. She didn’t admit the surgery. These all are rumors!
Below are some close up photos of her, probably before and after the lip volume change.

Julia Roberts Lip Injections

Sharp Eyelids – Blepharoplasty

Not only the lips, there have been some rumors on her eyes also. It seems that she had eyelid surgery, which gives her sharp and refreshed eyelids, which suits her face and looks natural. This enhancement clearly improved the beauty of Julia Roberts. Other Hollywood celebrities should get beauty tips from her.


After going through few blogs, there are comments that Julia Roberts has cut down weight through Liposuction process. That keeps the body looks well fit. Just like that of a person who is doing regular workouts. As you know, exercise is one important thing to keep your mind as well as body refreshed. But, in some parts of a body, it’s pretty hard to get rid of the fat just by exercising. For such areas, liposuction is recommended.

Nose Job & Botox

In addition to other cosmetic surgery procedures, if you look closely, you could note some nose job and botox works also. The face is so smooth which cannot be easily achieved by facials and her nose, which has a sharp tip than before. It might be because of Botox fillers and rhinoplasty.

Julia Roberts Nose Job

Julia Roberts denies plastic surgery speculations

Like the most celebrities, this Halle Berry also denies plastic surgery. When Elle directly asked about the cosmetic surgery, Roberts denied it completely. When I look into the pics, especially the lips, it’s quite obvious that Roberts had plastic surgery. But she keeps denying it.
Supporting her, some people believe that she didn’t have undergone knives. It’s all nature’s beauty. But I’m sorry I couldn’t just believe that. I totally admire Roberts for maintaining her beauty. It’s really appreciable.