Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery – Looks Youthful At 41

I admire Jenny McCarthy for the fresh appearance. Not only her perfectly shaped breasts but the face also. Her skin is extremely smooth and has a pointed nose. American model as well as television host Jenny has undergone plastic surgery. That’s true.

Jenny McCarthy is popular as a writer, a model(once appeared in Playboy), and a TV host. She had appeared in Playboy twice – in 1993 and 1994. And first central character role in Hollywood movie was BASEketball. Then her career as an actress is a success. At present she’s working on the talk show – View.

And what now? Jenny is 41-year-old and a mother of an 11-year-old boy, Evan. Can you believe it? Her face seems like she’s at thirty or something.

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery

How did she manage to look awesome at this age?

As you know, the only possible reason for this youthful appearance is plastic surgery. And Jenny openly admitted about the surgery procedures as well. In an interview with Dr. Terry Dubrow, she had explained the procedures clearly. That’s a good attitude for a Hollywood celebrity, as many of them don’t reveal about cosmetic surgery story even if they have an obvious face.

Who is the plastic surgeon of Jenny McCarthy?

Dr. Terry Dubrow – husband of Heather Dubrow(Real Housewife of Orange County fame)

What are the surgeries she had undergone?

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery breast augmentation

Breast Implants

Jenny is a woman who thinks breast implants are good and vaccines are bad. Whatever, the first noticeable thing about her is the breasts. It give her much attention because of the perfection in shape and so, will make any woman jealous. Though she had implants but it doesn’t turn her weird-looking.

The reports say that she had done implants surgery more than two times. It must be true because the breast implants last for 10 years only. And it needs to replace with a new pair. She had the first implants at the age of 19, the size was 38D. Yes, it was bigger. Later she regretted and replaced them with 34D. It doesn’t look much fake as the old.

Jenny McCarthy Breast Implants

Botox & Nose Job

Jenny said about her fondness of Botox in an interview. Also added that she would do in a minimal amount when the time comes. But I think Jenny had already done Botox and the smooth facial skin is its results. While she appeared to the public recently there was no lines or marks on her face. It’s clear and smooth. Well, it’s not natural for a 41-year-old woman. Whatever, Jenny admitted that she love to do Botox.

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery - Before & After

Along with the silicone filled breasts, Botox in the face, Jenny perhaps had a nose job. This rumor has still been spread around her fans. People thinks the extremely pointed nose is a result of rhinoplasty. I don’t know if she ever had a nose job or not, but I can tell there are some changes in the nose tip. If she had the work, the result made her looks better.