Jennifer Aniston Admits Plastic Surgery: Good Or Bad Nose Job?

Well, we all wondered if she got “friends” with the plastic surgeon. She said she did a nose job. In fact, she even admitted that she was not happy with the first one and wanted to get a second one. And yes, it worked. She now has a nose that’s sculptured to perfection. She was also fairly open about her cosmetic surgery she had to undergo for that face that turns head in every street.
Points for honesty, Jennifer!

But is that all, is that all she did? Previous pictures of hers shake their head with a reluctant “no”. Ever noticed how fuller her lips became on the later stage of her career? Her lips look more aligned and more tailored to compliment her face. Some say, her shiny forehead and wrinkle free tight skin is gifted by the miracles of Botox. Lifestyle changes may keep you healthy and but it’s the Botox shots that keep you happy. And pretty. And this idea seems to be going viral, ‘cause for an actress in her forties, there’s no way she can be this pretty unless she’s wearing a mask of her youthful days over her current ageing face! There were also rumors of spotting her coming out from a doctor’s appointment with visible scars near her brows suggesting, brow uplift. But that, we are not sure.

Jennifer Aniston nose job
Jennifer Aniston nose job

But what we do know for sure is Breast Implants.

Jennifer Aniston’s breasts have indeed gone bigger. And better too!

You’ve noticed it too, right? Plain as a day. Only she wasn’t exactly pleased to hear people talking about augmentation and fans checking out her previous photographs.
She went as far as to Oprah to deny that she underwent a breast job and what we’re seeing was the fat cells that got to her. But we wonder if weight gain is the new euphemism for augmentation pads? Too much cheese, or was it a badly made pun on a cheesy line?

Jennifer Aniston breast implants

Whichever the case may, Jennifer pulled it off. And made it to the list of beautiful celebrities. I think some other people who spend too much time brooding over plastic surgeons could take notes from her. ‘Cause this one, who didn’t meddle around with plastic and kept self-altering to minimal, she still looks stunningly gorgeous! Jennifer Aniston did plastic surgery and she carries it well too.