Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery – Youthful Appearance at 58

Janice Dickinson – the 58-year-old American celebrity had done plastic surgery. It is true that almost every part of her has undergone knives for better and young look. She’s almost sixty and yet looks like a woman who is at forty or forty-five.

I admire Janice that she openly admitted having plastic surgery. This is not actually the style of typical Hollywood celebrities. Once our “young” woman said that she is living for plastic surgery. In fact, many celebrities rely on surgery but only a few will admit it.

So, what are the surgeries she had undergone in her life?

Janice Dickinson plastic surgery

Just look at below picture of her before and after plastic surgery. Try to guess the procedures she had done so far.

Janice also revealed the exact procedures. She had undergone a tummy tuck, facelift, Botox injections, Brow lift and injections – collagen and Restylane.

Can you name a celebrity who had done this much and not ruining their face? That’s actually not common and the real credits go to the plastic surgeon.

And in most surgery fail cases, the celebrity is aged above fifty and they had done for young appearance. As a result, their face would look like a muppet. Anyone could easily understand that they had surgery and so, we can call it as fail.

Though it easily recognizes that she had work done but still it is Okay. Because she doesn’t mess up her face by overly doing plastic surgery. But the steps she took was perfect and the results are good. She is satisfied with it and really proud.

And don’t forget the fact she revealed about surgery. Hats off Janice Dickinson – you’re a good reply for celebrities who are trying to hide plastic surgery stories. Let’s see the exact procedures she had gone through:

What happened to face?

Janice Dickinson youthful face

Considering the face, it seems she had gone through a couple of procedures. Janice Dickinson herself said that she has had a facelift, brow lift, and injections.

As you know, a browlift is done to get rid of lines around forehead area. In this case, we can hardly see any lines in her face. The cause of the disappearance should be of the browlift. This is commonly done among people at middle ages – especially for hiding aging sign like frown lines.

The facelift tightens the skin and hides wrinkles. Janice is 58-years-old. At this age, almost every human being would get wrinkles on their face. Facelift and browlift together gave her a frozen look. And in fact, there are no visible wrinkles.

In addition to the lifting processes, she had injected fillers also. It is the cause of puffy skin, giving a fresh look. For injections, she used Collagen and Restylane.

Along with these, lip implants has also taken place. There was a time that Janice was infamous for her weird lip surgery. Those were too much big in size and had a weird look. But after a while, it got removed and she appeared with normal lips.

Breast Implants

Janice Dickinson breast implants

Those 58-year-old pairs of breast always amused me. And at a glance, no one would believe that she’s a woman aged above fifty-five. It is obvious asking whether Janice had breast implants or not and the size is 36C. Unlike other women at this age, the bosoms are not saggy.

We can say that the implants she has done are simply perfect. I really love those pair of breasts as it seems healthy. Every woman will dream to have a pair like that in her age.

With above surgeries, Janice Dickinson had actually got what she aimed. I can say that her facial skin and overall appearance wouldn’t reveal the real age.

You might see many celebs who had terribly failed at surgery. In our case, Janice managed to have a lot of surgeries and still don’t have the “plastic” look. It seems she is still ready for another surgery.

Do you like Janice Dickinson with plastic surgery or with a normal face and look? Comment.