Janeane Garofalo – Plastic Surgery or Natural Beauty?

American stand-up comedian Janeane Garofalo looks different in appearance. Recent photos prove that this 50-year-old celebrity had quite a number of plastic surgery procedures. Though many believe that Janeane‘s face has dramatically changed and she didn’t need plastic surgery.

However, her face is not a big fail or anything. It looks almost natural and there’s no wrinkles and aging lines which are a good thing for a stage performer.

Janeane Garofalo plastic surgery

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a kind of plastic surgery, which is not often followed by Hollywood celebrities. But I’m not saying no one is doing a reduction, for instance, Scarlett Johansson is an example. However, Janeane’s first experience in plastic surgery is a breast reduction. Yes, can you believe it? A celebrity cuts off breast size by surgery.

Janeane Garofalo breast reduction


It is because she believes that big breasts are not good for short people and she was really embarrassed with the size. She once said in an interview that her breasts were like of Dolly Parton’s. And said she’s never a fan of big breasts. And yes, Janeane had her natural breast size reduced with plastic surgery. Well, she thought the big size would not do good for a stand-up performer with height 5.1 inches.

Botox fillers

Look at her face carefully. Can you see any lines or wrinkles?

Janeane Garofalo Botox fillers

Keep in mind that she’s fifty years old. Botox has played its role very well in hiding aging signs. Janeane is one of the Hollywood celebrities who use Botox in regular interval. Is it a good thing?

Well, yes. After all, her facial skin looks smooth and shining. That’s the whole point of Botox.

She admitted in an interview about botox fillers and said, sometimes the doctors would inject it too much and make it worse. As you know, it had to be injected in a perfect amount or else it would end up looking puffed.

In photos, we can see the main area of Botox is forehead area. There are no freaking lines. How awesome is that for a middle aged woman!

Lip implants

Janeane Garofalo face

This one actually almost failed because her lips look so plumbed than before. Anyone can easily recognize those lips are fake. See the photos.

Janeane looks fantastic with the tattoos regardless of her age. You know, she has a total of fifteen tattoos. Some believe that something happened to her jawline. It was in round shape before. But now it is kinda narrowed a bit.

Well, unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Janeane Garofalo admits having plastic surgery. She revealed about it in an interview that she has done Botox injections regularly.