Has Jane Fonda had Plastic Surgery? No Visible Aging Signs at 78

The 78-year-old American actress Jane Fonda looks stunning in this age with the help of plastic surgery. It’s believed that the actress has undergone cosmetic surgery several times and the procedures include eyelid surgery, neck lift, and botox injections (cheeks and forehead).

Jane Fonda is the daughter of renowned American actor Henry Fonda. She has been in the field of acting since 1960 and won several awards including Oscars, Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy, BAFTA, etc. Walk on the Wild Side, Period of Adjustment, Klute, and Coming Home are some of the famous works of Jane Fonda. She is currently working on Grace and Frankie, a television comedy series.

Cheeks and Forehead Fillers

Jane Fonda Cheek Fillers

Jane Fonda did cheek fillers a long way back ago. One plastic surgeon commented that plastic surgery in those years was aggressive that such noninvasive procedures such as cheek fillers would get involved tissue removal and skin pulling. However, it now seems that Fonda has fixed the side effects of aggressive plastic surgeries with other procedures. The cheeks look perfectly beautiful for a 78-year-old woman. I think it’s because she invested in choosing a good plastic surgeon and didn’t overdo plastic surgery.

Cheek fillers is an ongoing process. Meaning, it needs to be refilled every six months. That’s one of the disadvantages of injectable dermal fillers. Anyway, it did help Fonda to smoothen aging signs like lines and wrinkles, and it gives a youthful appearance. The volume of cheeks increased as well because of the fillers. Have a look at the pictures of Jane Fonda before and after plastic surgery before and see the changes yourself.

Jane Fonda Forehead Dermal Fillers

Similar to the above, Fonda has also been injecting fillers in her forehead, which is the reason why there are no lines or wrinkles on the brow. The Botox basically makes the skin tight, stops frontalis muscles movement, which will give a frozen forehead. It seems Fonda used Restylane or Juvederm for this. All these ‘fillers’ will last for about six months or so and it then it needs to be refilled as mentioned earlier. It’s not a problem for a celebrity with money to spend on appearance.

Eyelid Surgery and Nose Job

Jane Fonda Nose Job

There are rumors that the actress had nose job surgery as well. Though no obvious signs are visible on the nose, plastic surgery experts believe that Fonda has undergone rhinoplasty. The straightness of nose bridge and the unnatural pointedness are what contribute to this. The new nose, if she did the surgery, suits and balances with her face well that it almost looks natural.

Jane Fonda Eyelid Surgery

Have you noticed something with her wide eyes? Does it look like of a 78-year-old woman? No, it doesn’t. Thanks to the blepharoplasty procedure along with botox injections, which make the crow feet, droopy lids, and eye bags disappear. The surgery is common in women who are at the 70s with ‘unpleasant’ aging signs.

Pumped Up Lips, Facelift

Jane Fonda Lip Implants

If you look at the photos closely, you can see that the down lip has been a bit fuller than before, possibly with the help of hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane. Most of the celebrities nowadays, regardless of the age, are doing lip augmentation surgery to enhance the appearance. I don’t think fuller lips are a sign of beauty, but it does help if it’s done in a minimal amount, just like Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda Facelift
Jane Fonda Facelift

Along with all these procedures, the actress did face lift and chin implants as well. This helps remove sagging skins around face and neck, giving a youthful appearance. The procedure tightens the underlying muscles and hence there will be no sagging skin which reveals the age.

Recently, Jane Fonda commented in an interview that she is not ‘proud’ of doing all these plastic surgery procedures to stay good-looking. What do you think about it? Leave your comments below.