Did Jada Pinkett Smith have Plastic Surgery?

The 44-year-old Jada Pinkett Smith looks so awesome for the age that it appears she has done something to her face. She probably gets some help from a plastic surgeon to makes her look younger. Jada Pinkett has done plastic surgery including facelift, cheek implants, botox fillers and a possible nose job.

Pinkett Smith, who is married to Will Smith, leads a career as an actress as well as a singer and songwriter. Why did the ‘A Different World’ star get a plastic surgery?

A Natural Beauty.

Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery
Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery

Everyone admired Pinkett Smith’s natural beauty once but now it got ruined with plastic surgery. Many argue that she didn’t want to do the surgery as she has got good genes and she would age gracefully.


Jada Pinkett Smith surgery

However, it was not the case. It seems Pinkett Smith didn’t wait for mother nature’s blessing and she has gone ahead with doing plastic surgery. Just like any other Hollywood celebrity who is in her almost-50’s, Pinkett Smith plastic surgery was to hide the aging signs like wrinkles and skin sagging.

And it appears it didn’t work out well as you could see many comments have there on the internet that Pinket Smith has taken a bad decision about plastic surgery.

Is it so? Was it that bad? See the photos of Pinket Smitt before and after plastic surgery:

So, it’s quite obvious that she had done the surgery. But what are the procedures she had undergone? Let’s look into it.

Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery before and after


Jada Pinkett Smith Facelift & Cheek Implants – Was it necessary?


Jada Pinkett Smith facelift
Jada Pinkett Smith facelift


As I said earlier, Pinkett Smith’s primary objective was to look young, it seems. And you know, the facelift is that one procedure which makes one’s skin tight and makes it look like a younger skin. But wait, there are some disadvantages.

Look at the pictures. Her face looks so tight that she couldn’t even smile in a natural way. The facial skin around lips got tighten and this tighten skin makes it hard to stretch out, which results in a weird, frozen look. With this smile, anyone could notice the changeover.


Jada Pinkett Smith cheek implants
Jada Pinkett Smith cheeks implants


If the facelift is to tighten the skin, cheek implants are to put on some thickness so as to make the cheeks looks a little chubby, which can give a younger look. However, this procedure didn’t give natural results, and many of Pinket Smith’s fans are not much happy about the plastic surgery procedures she had undergone.

Nose Job Rumors

Some people think that she might have undergone nose job surgery. There’s no clear evidence on this but there are some changes on her nose tip. The people say that her nose tip got narrower than before and it could be the results of rhinoplasty surgery.

And what next?

Jada Pinkett Smith breast implants

Breast implants would be better! She is 44 years old, but hey, she looks really awesome. She could’ve done breast implants to enhance her appearance rather than messing up the beautiful face. She has a 34A size breasts now. With a height of 5 ft and a weight of 113 lbs, a bigger pair would suit her well.

I would suggest Pinket Smith not to do any more surgeries. What do you think about Jada Pinket Smith’s plastic surgery decision? Leave your thoughts below!