Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery Before & After – No Wrinkles? How?

Isabelle Adjani plastic surgery has become the trending topic among rumor spreading people. French film actress Isabelle has undergone botox fillers to cover her age. Does the process end well ? Let’s see.

Isabelle Adjani Young Before Plastic Surgery
Young Isabelle.

Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery – Success or Fail ?

Do you know about Isabelle ? If not, will give you an introduction. She started her career in the year 1970. Known as a singer and as an actress. Her first movie was Le Petit Bougnat and the recent one is Ishq in Paris. You know, she’s a record holder. She is the only actress who won five Cesar awards.

The 57 years old celebrity selected cosmetic surgery to maintain her youthful look. Anyhow, she succeeded with that. Isabelle looks so fresh and healthy. It is because she didn’t overdo the process. The celebrity carefully maintained the simplicity and the normal amount of procedure.

And it results well. It is an example for best celebrity plastic surgery. Just like Mary Steenburgen. The most common reason for the celebrity surgery failure is the abusing of the process. It means, if a surgery gives a good look, the celebrity will rush for another one and kind of addict to it. And at last, it would end big fail like Catherine Bell.

Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery

Fortunately, the Algerian beauty doesn’t mess up her face with knives. As I said before, she’d done it in a normal amount and it suits her well.

Botox Fillers

So, what are the cosmetic procedures she’d undergone? Till now, she only had done some botox fillers.

Isabelle Adjani Botox Fillers

In a talk with Gala magazine, she admitted about the botox fillers. Isabelle said that she could try anything that gives a young appearance. Also added that she would even try hyaluronic acid.

The 57-year-old celebrity said that she was a follower of hyaluronic acid. But in small doses. It helped her to fill the lines and wrinkles around her face.

Whatever, the botox worked pretty well. Isabelle looks stunning with the fresh and tight facial skin. Go through the pictures of Isabelle and comment what you feel about her plastic surgery process.

Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery - Botox Fillers
The fresh skin at this age.