Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery: Botox Fillers At The Age of 49 !

Helen Hunt the 49-year-old American actress and film director looks so fresh. Helen has undergone plastic surgery includes facelift and dermal fillers.
She has won many awards including Golden Globe awards, Emmy awards, and an Oscar.
 As I said before, sensational Hollywood star is on the way to 50. There were some pictures came out during December 2009, do you remember it? In those pictures, she had wrinkles on the face and had saggy breasts.
But recently, she appeared at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in California with a damn different look. She  seems  fresh and stunning.
It was just opposite look of the pictures which came out before.
Helen Hunt plastic surgery
 Holy cow! She looks awesome, Isn’t it ?
Helen Hunt has undergone a couple of cosmetic surgeries to keep her young and fresh look. It includes facelift, Botox and neck lift. She probably had laser treatment also, which helps to overcome the premature aging.

Botox Treatments !

Comparing the above two pictures, it is confirmed that Helen had done plastic surgery – botox injections. It is widely used among celebrities and normal people as an anti-aging procedure.
The process is done by injecting fillers into skin. It helps to remove the facial lines and wrinkles that caused by aging. The aesthetic procedure is done in Helen’s face and neck areas. See the pictures, there is no sign of aging(no wrinkles and lines). This is because of the non-surgical cosmetic process – Botox!
Well, Helen Hunt is happy with the results of treatments. The result was not a failure, and it increased her self-esteem and confidence.

Face Lift

When going through the old picture of Helen, you can see that she lost volume in the skin.
And what happened in recent pics ?
Just like Mario Osmond, Helen’s skin also looks more smooth and tight. It is done by the process called face-lift. This is also popular procedure among Hollywood celebrities. It removes wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
Some advantages of facelift are
  • No pain during the process.
  • No scar mark after the cosmetic procedure.
  • Surgery only takes a little time.
Fortunately, her surgery was a success one. Right ? Feel free to comment below! I love it!