Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – Is it a fact or just rumor?

Halle Berry is 49 years old and it seems the secret of her beauty is still a mystery for many. And the age doesn’t seem a concern for her – she looks gorgeous in many ways. Many people say that Halle Berry had undergone plastic surgeries including breast implants and nose job. But did she really have undergone knives to remain youthful?

Let’s have a look at the photos:

Halle Berry plastic surgery

Nose Job

In the pictures, we can see some significant changes in her face, especially in the nose. It got narrowed and pointed, of course, it made her more beautiful than before. But what could be the reason? How did she achieve this?

Critics say that the process she had is none other than rhinoplasty(nose job).

Halle Berry nose job

In the other hand, Halle Berry completely denies the plastic surgery rumors. She had stated in interviews that she’s completely against plastic surgery and compared the cosmetic surgery procedures to “crack”, as if plastic surgery is a tempting thing just like crack, and she had been so pressurized to have plastic surgery.

If we think about it, she’s right, a good number of Hollywood celebrities, especially female celebrities, have had cosmetic surgery.

In an interview, she said she has been resisting herself not to do plastic surgery. And she worried that if surgery was a must-have thing to do to be in the Hollywood industry.

Halle Berry plastic surgery

Hally Berry believes beauty which is made by artificial methods is not ‘real’ beauty. In addition, aging happens and we shouldn’t do anything about it as it is a natural phenomenon and she pointed some other celebrities – Lena Horn, Jane Fonda, etc – as examples who she thinks aged beautifully.

If we do plastic surgery, we become someone else – so it’s pretty clear from her words that she don’t want to do surgeries.

Even if she defies plastic surgery, there are some strong rumors about Halle Berry and plastic surgery. There is no evidence about that except the photo comparisons. In the above pictures, anyone can find the differences that happened on her face. Probably these are not done ‘naturally’ and it seems, she has done surgeries in a minimal amount, which helped her to keep the natural appearance of the face. And it makes real difficult to find whether if Hally Berry had plastic surgery or not to a person first seeing her.

Breast Implants

Halle Berry breast implants


Halle Berry breast augmentation


Halle Berry cosmetic surgery

There’s also some rumors about the breast implants. We can see in the pictures that the size and shape of her breasts have changed and many believe that these are done by breast implants. Have a look at the photos below and decide:

Nevertheless, if Halle Berry did plastic surgery or not, she looks peculiarly good for her age. You know, she’s 49! The time when a woman fears about aging signs like wrinkles, eye bags, etc, and there is Halle with the clean and smooth face. Yes, note that it’s not a puffed one like many other Hollywood celebrities. I admire her the way how she takes care of her beauty.

What do you think? Are these facial changes done by plastic surgery? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.