Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery – Is it a Bad or a Good Decision?

The 70-year-old American actress Goldie Hawn is rumored to have plastic surgery, including lip injections, breast implants, and liposuction. See the before and after photos.

American actress Goldie Hawn is rumored to have undergone a couple of plastic surgery procedures on her face. The rumors are that the 70-year-old Hollywood icon has had cosmetic surgeries which make the appearance youthful, compared to the age.

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery

Let’s look into the procedures:

Goldie is an American actress who’s popular in Hollywood since 1970s. Overboard (1987), The First Wives Club (1996), Private Benjamin (1980), etc. are some of the movies that made us love her. However, the movie which she last acted was ‘The Banger Sisters‘, which was released before 14 years. Some news is there that she would be in a comedy movie with Amy Schumer.

It’s no wonder that she did the plastic surgery to cover the age. It’s a fact that many of the Hollywood actresses nowadays undergo surgery procedures. As a celebrity who’s in the game since the 1970s, she knows how to maintain her beauty and the overall body appearance.

Fishy Lips with Lip Injections


Goldie Hawn Lip Injections


Huffingtonpost first spotted Goldie Hawn’s ‘strange’ lips and ‘unnatural looks’ in 2012 at an airport. It reported that she appeared with a pouting face, sadly the face remains in that expression. Perhaps it’s some Botox that injected in her lips makes that appearance. However, the new look didn’t get a positive response from fans. In fact, many of her fans were really sad, in an opinion that Goldie Hawn ruined the beauty with plastic surgery.

The exact procedure seemed to be Collagen injection, which is widely used to enhance lips, giving a fishy appearance. But, does Goldie really needed a lip filler procedure? Her lips looked beautiful anyway. However, the old natural lips are not there!

Ironically, the lips were almost like of ‘Elise Elliot‘ in the movie ‘The First Wives Club’.

Round, Bigger Pair of Breasts


Goldie Hawn breast implants


Golde Hawn once was a flat chested woman, just like her daughter Kate Hudson. Oh sorry. Kate Hudson has got a breast implants job in 2010.

It seems Goldie has undergone breast implants, which makes breasts look more firmly in shape. But many believe she didn’t have breast augmentation, but it’s hard to believe so as we can see some obvious changes by comparing then and now photos.

Whether they’re implants or not, it turns out a beautiful pair of breasts, even at this age. It’s more likely a work by a plastic surgeon than the intervention of mother nature.



Goldie Hawn Liposuction


Some rumors are there that the actress had Liposuction, a treatment that is done to remove fat from areas where it’s not easily burned off with exercises. However, it still remains as a rumor since there’s no significance difference in her body shape except the face with botox and other plastic surgery procedures.

However, the decisions she has taken on plastic surgery didn’t give better results, many believe. I think her face was much better before the surgery. And it would be so awesome if she allows nature to do their part.

What do you think about Goldie Hawn and her plastic surgery journey? Leave your thoughts and comments!