Gillian Jacobs Plastic Surgery Before & After: Nose Job

American movie and TV actress Gillian Jacobs have undergone plastic surgery. She has done nose job (rhinoplasty) and Botox fillers.

Everyone knows Gillian for her awesome role as Britta Perry on the TV series “Community”. She’s now aged 30 and people were wondering what plastic surgery she had and why. Gillian started her career in the year 2005 as Katie on the TV series Building Girl. People love her for her cute and adorable smile. Yeah, I’m her fan too. So, why did she had cosmetic surgery?

Gillian Jacobs Nose Job & Botox

Gillian Jacobs plastic surgery

Nose job or rhinoplasty is done for so many reasons. Common people are doing this not to make it more beautiful but because of other nasal issues. Many of the celebrities were not satisfied even after doing this nose surgery, so they rush into another plastic surgery processes and turn themselves into a plastic surgery fail. But the story is different, Gillian has done a perfect move. She has undergone an adequate amount of cosmetic surgery which includes nose job and botox. 

Well, Gillian was not at all happy with the shape of her nose. So she has done a rhinoplasty, probably to change the size and shape of the nose. If you check the pictures of her before and after the nose job, you can see the difference. In recent pictures of Gillian, the nose is small and narrowed. And there was a small curve in her nasal bridge, and now it’s disappeared.

Botox fillers are common among Hollywood celebrities who are hitting their age 40. But why Gillian had done this ? She’s only aged 30. I think she wanted to add more fairness to her face by Botox. 

Some people saying that the shining and smooth facial skin of her were done by Botox injections. Maybe they are right because in the recent pictures of Gillian her face seems extra shining. But we can’t blindly say that because presently the makeup are so advanced and can change the appearance of the face.

Has done in a perfect amount and she didn’t mess it up by doing it again and again. You can confirm about the nose job but the Botox is still a mystery.

Well, she didn’t respond to these plastic surgery rumors. So what do you think? Did she have a nose job or any Botox ?