Ellen Degeneres Plastic Surgery

Ellen Degeneres is at the age of 58; two more years and she will be sixty. But still, she looks like as if she is in the early forties. How did she get this youthful appearance? Speculators looked into the beauty secrets of Ellen Degeneres and whether the celebrity television host had undergone plastic surgery to have this fresh-faced appearance.

Ellen Degeneres plastic surgery

Ellen Degeneres Facelift & Botox Fillers

It seems the clean face of Ellen was done with a couple of plastic surgery procedures, including surgical and nonsurgical procedures. All of these procedures are which, nowadays, Hollywood celebrities usually do to hide their aging signs like wrinkles and forehead lines.

But does this American television host who usually make fun of other celebrities (in a good way) need to undergo plastic surgery? Well, it seems so.

It’s reported that Ellen had Botox along with facelift back in 2008, the time when she was married to Australian-American actress and model Portia de Rossi. Seemingly, it’s done to enhance her appearance prior to their marriage.

Ellen Degeneres facelift

Wait, she didn’t stop with a single round of botox and facelift. When she became the judge of the well-known show ‘The American Idol‘, Ellen had a refreshing face with smooth and clear skin. It’s rumored that it was the result of facelift procedure that she had done in the year 2009, most-likely to get ready for the show.

As Ellen had greater results with facelift and botox injections, she had further tried enhancing the face with laser skin peel and blepharoplasty procedures to beautify the eyes area. You know, some of the major aging signs are seen at your eyes – eye bags, dark circles around the eyes, tired eyes, etc. However, there are plastic surgery procedures such as botox fillers and eyelift that help with hiding such aging signs around the eyes.

With the confidence of the successful facelift surgery, Ellen seems to have undergone eyelift and laser skin peeling surgery around the eye area. This is clearly visible in the photos of Ellen as we can’t find a single line or anything in the eye area.

Neck Lift

Ellen Degeneres Neck lift

Some studio insiders have identified scars on the neck area of Ellen, which perhaps are the signs of a neck lift that she might have undergone. The neck and jawline of Ellen’s face are in perfect shape and it might be achieved with the neck lift plastic surgery.

Generally, at this age of 58, normal people usually will start to have aging signs on face including sagging skin, eye bags, etc. But no such signs are there for Ellen Degeneres. It’s obvious that plastic surgery has something to do with this. What do you think? Has Ellen Degeneres had plastic surgery? Or are these the magic of her “good genes”?