Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery At Her 70 ? Face Lift & Botox Pictures

70’s star Dyan Cannon has done plastic surgery. It is just to hide the aging signs like wrinkles and frown lines. Rumors saying that the actress has undergone Botox and face lift. Dyan is known as both TV and movie actress. And first appeared on the screen in the year 1937. That’s a long time right? Yes, she is aged 76 now.

Dyan Cannon plastic surgery

People noticed some changes in her face. It is probably the results of a plastic surgery. Well, the celebrity did not admit any of the following surgery procedures. But while comparing the old and recent pictures of Dyan Cannon you can actually see the big differences. It could be made by a surgical process only.

Like any other Hollywood celebrity, Dyan also wanted to look young. We’ve seen some celebrities who had plastic surgery just for the youthful skin. But most of them ended up with weird-looking faces. The 76-year-old American actress has done a couple of cosmetic surgery procedures for a fresh and wrinkles less face. Did she succeed in that ?

Dyan Cannon face lift

Till an extent, it was successful. She doesn’t look like a 70-year-old woman. There seems only fewer wrinkles and lines. And no baggy eyes (Money can change your appearance). It is sure that she got some work done.

So what are the surgeries she’d done?

Face Lift & Botox Implants

If you check recent pictures of Dyan, you can see that her skin got tight and fresh. It is because of the botox fillers. The fuller cheeks are just like when she was in her 40’s. The reason behind her healthy and youthful skin is the facelift and dermal fillers.

Dyan Cannon botox fillers

Some rumors also saying that she had some chemical peels and laser treatments.

The surgery delivered dramatic changes in her appearance(go through the pictures!). Dyan seems energetic and happy after the surgery. The face-lift just reversed the aging process. There are no noticeable wrinkles or lines on her face. It appears smooth and healthy(facelift rocks!).

Excess unruly lumpy fat deposit in the skin can be removed by this process. It helps to get rid of baggy eyes and saggy skin around the neck. But it looks unnatural and fake because it is overly done.

In addition to the facelift, she had lip implants which give plumped and fuller lips.She is trying much hard to look young. But unfortunately, all results in an utter fail. She really doesn’t need to undergone knives at this age. But yes, I accept the fact that she is a celebrity.