Has Dolly Parton Had Plastic Surgery?

Famous American singer and songwriter Dolly Parton are not new to plastic surgery. In fact, the 70-year-old celebrity has undergone a series of plastic surgery procedures including breast implants, facelift, Botox filters, and much more. Let’s look into the facts as well as rumors around Dolly Parton.

What makes Dolly Parton popular is that her talented and powerful voice, and the beautiful voluptuous appearance. There are hardly any haters, that’s because she is a talented singer – my favorite songs are ‘But You Know I love you’, ‘Heartbreaker’, and ‘Letter to Heaven’. Parton has been active in the field of country music since 1964 and continues to be on top in the industry.

Dolly Parton Breast Augmentation

Parton is married to Carl Dean, who is running a road paving business, and the couple decided not to have children as it could affect the music career and fame.

Parton loves to do makeup since her early years, and this is still in her mind at this age. And it seems Parton have undergone plastic surgery numerous times, and some of it, however, have resulted in a not-so-natural look. And many of the speculators and Parton’s fans are not really happy with the transformation. People say Dolly Parton is beautiful with her music and it makes the face youthful. She didn’t have to do all these cosmetic surgeries to be awesome, right?

Here is a list of plastic surgery procedures Dolly Parton has undergone.

Breast Implants

It’s too obvious to even ask ‘Does Dolly Parton have breast implants?’. Yes, she did breast augmentation surgery (which was done by plastic surgeon Dr. John Grossman) and that’s why it looks bigger, and rounder in shape. You can easily spot this by comparing the before and after surgery photos of Parton.

Does it make the appearance better? I would say the implants were not really necessary as you can see, she was pretty good when young, without breast implants. The new implants do give her a fake look (bra size is 40DD). It’s conventional to think that celebrity who had breast implants would also go through other surgeries. It’s true in the case of Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton Breast Implants
Dolly Parton Breast Implants

I personally didn’t like the implants she had, because it’s too big for her. It looks a bit disproportionate to the body, most probably as Parton had lost a lot of weight recently. It’s commonly seen nowadays that woman undergoes breast implants and if she loses weight, the breasts would look odd and results in an unnatural appearance.

Browlift and Eyelid Surgery

Dolly Parton Brow Lift

A browlift is a plastic surgery which is done primarily to tighten the forehead, hiding aging signs such as lines and wrinkles. It’s an invasive procedure and Dolly Parton is said to have undergone the surgery along with Blepharoplasty. Although it’s evident that she did the procedure, Parton has not commented anything publicly on this regard.

Eyelid surgery is another procedure the celebrity has undergone, which is a common procedure among people who have saggy eyes. I don’t think Parton had any such signs of sagging or excess tissues earlier. Plastic surgery experts suggest that the refreshing and taut appearance of Parton’s eyes is with the help of blepharoplasty aka eyelid surgery.

Nose Job

Dolly Parton Nose Job

Another notable change is the nose, which looks pointed and narrowed, most likely a result of a rhinoplasty (nose job). The appearance and shape of the nose have been changed considerably and it raises speculations that the change is done with plastic surgery. A popular plastic surgeon in California commented about Dolly Parton nose job that she seemed to have an inverted V deformity and it contributed to her decision to reconstruct the nose.

However, it looks to me a bit weird, and it has changed the natural look of her.

Botox Fillers

Dolly Parton Botox Fillers

Botox injection is the procedure that Dolly Parton admitted in many interviews. It’s an awesome thing for a celebrity to admit such plastic surgery procedures. Parton believes there is nothing wrong with having plastic surgery if it makes you look better and gives confidence as well as self-esteem. Yes, I do agree with Parton, but I would argue that we need to extremely careful about the quantity – how much amount of chemicals and how many times plastic surgery is done.

Weight Loss & Liposuction

Dolly Parton Liposuction

Parton’s body has been slimmed down and she gives all credits for the weight loss to low carb diet. The celebrated singer added that she hates doing exercise and suggests that a well-balanced diet (small portions of food) helps manage one’s bodyweight. And I did a little research, and it seems to be true that low-carb diet forces body to burn the fat.

Dolly Parton Weight Loss

Though the weight loss gives the breasts an odd appearance, it overall helps improve the beauty and the youthful appearance. Liposuction is a weight loss procedure done to areas where the fat couldn’t be easily ripped off with exercise or diet. And speculations are there that Parton did liposuction to get rid of fats and it helped Parton to maintain a curved body shape.

What do you think about Dolly Parton’s plastic surgery journey? Would she look better without all these surgeries? Did these procedures make the appearance better? Share your thoughts as comments below.