Diane Sawyer – Aging Gracefully With Facelift

One of the most popular TV journalist Diane Sawyer has had plastic surgery. The results were awesome and she looked really good for the age. As being an anchor in a world famous channel – ABC News – it is important to look good. I know as it had nothing much to do with her attitude but it really give the confidence to do the job.

Diane Sawyer plastic surgery

Anyway, Diane Sawyer seems jealously young for the age. I think many top class Hollywood celebrities had failed in looking young at old age. And here, Diane has had a great decision on plastic surgery. The results were good and she seems extremely charming, don’t forget the fact she is sixty-eight years old.

However, it is quite obvious that if a sixty years old woman looks young, the reason would be cosmetic surgery only. According to a Hollywood plastic surgeon, Diane Sawyer has had the following cosmetic surgery procedures:

1. Facelift & Necklift

Diane Sawyer face lift

Okay, just go through the photos of Diane I’ve added below. And check the neck and frown area. Did you find any excess or sagging skin? No, we can’t find anything like that. It is because she did face lift. Face is kind of smooth and there’s no sagging skin. You know, the excess skin is one that makes you look much old than wrinkles.

Around the neck area, there’s no or hardly any sagging skin. So we can confirm that she had done neck lift as well. I’d say these surgeries changed the appearance of face much. It made her looks youthful. Diane has had a great success in plastic surgery. We’ve seen many failed plastic surgeries here but Diane Sawyer managed to get a good plastic surgeon.

2. Botox & Nose Job

Diane Sawyer nose job

There are some rumors going around that she did a nose job. But how much of this is true? Let’s check the old and recent photos of her. I noticed one thing in her old photo – nose was kinda round and flat. And now it is narrowed and has a pointed tip. I love that, perhaps it could be the result of minor rhinoplasty(nose job).

Another celebrity plastic surgeon commented on a website that Diane Sawyer had injected Botox. I don’t know how much is true. Considering the fact that the facial skin is still smooth and shining, I believe Diane Sawyer had Botox fillers.

Whatever the surgeries she was undergone, the lucky thing is that she didn’t overdo it. That’s the reason behind positive results. Diane doesn’t look like a puppet or wax like figure like other celebrities who had failed at plastic surgery. It is a quite clever decision from a TV journalist. I really appreciate that. Other American celebrities should consult Diane Sawyer to get plastic surgery tips(hehe!).

Diane Sawyer cosmetic surgery

Breast Augmentation?

No way! Why would a sixty years old woman get breast implants? I know some of them still ready to have them. There are rumors exist that she had breast implants. But I don’t believe because we can’t see any changes in her breasts. It is quite normal.

With all the above surgeries, Diane has natural and perfect look at this age. Without any wrinkles.