Demi Moore – An Almost Perfect Face with Plastic Surgery

American actress who became famous for the movie ‘About Last Night’ is in the 50s now and many rumors are there that the Hollywood celebrity had plastic surgery several times. In fact, Moore did spend a good amount of dollars in plastic surgery and other diet and fitness programs to keep the body youthful and wrinkle-less.

Demi Moore was married to American actor and model Ashton Kutcher in 2003 but the couple got divorced in 2013, which was a big news among celebrity gossip magazines and speculators. Being a mother of three, it appears that Moore is obsessed with cosmetic surgery procedures so that she would feel more confident and enthusiastic than her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years younger than Moore.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

Moore’s latest films are Love Sonia, Wild Oats, and Blind which are planned to be released in 2016. She looked a bit odd when spotted leaving Tramp’s private members club, with a face that clearly an after effect of over plastic surgery.

So, what are the exact procedures did the actress had?

Breast Implants

Demi Moore Breast Implants

It seems the actress had tried out almost all plastic surgery types that help hide the age. However, there are surgeries that are done when she was young. Guess what? It’s the breast implants procedure. It’s alleged that Moore had the breasts pumped up for the movie ‘Striptease’, but sadly the movie was a big disappointment and it was a downturn for her acting career. The breast implants were done in the year 1996 – a bit early right? The results were pretty good, though, the new breasts were rounder than before and have a fuller look, which did enhance the beauty. Even in this age, it looks awesome and that’s one of the things most women at 50s would love to have.

Other ‘covering’ surgeries

Demi Moore did not stop with breast implants. She had gone ahead with a series of plastic surgery procedures to maintain the youthful appearance. Have you noticed the pictures of Moore below? Does it look like of a 53-year-old woman? No, it doesn’t.

Demi Moore Botox Injections

It’s rumored that the American celebrity has undergone facelift along with botox fillers. This procedure is done primarily to hide the aging signs such as wrinkles and lines (lines that usually appear on the forehead). Seemingly, this procedure was a successful one since there are almost no noticeable lines or wrinkles on her face. In fact, the face looks smooth, it’s almost frozen. Anyone with a bit knowledge in plastic surgery could easily tell that Moore had something done on the face.

Demi Moore Facelift

The plastic surgery helps Moore to hide crow’s feet marks as well. These are the wrinkles around the eyes and it’s pretty ugly too. But Moore had spent some dollars on this as well and successfully get rid of it. The crow’s feet marks are normally more visible when smiles, but in the case of Demi Moore, the skin around the eyes is smooth and wrinkle-free, that means there is something inside that tightens the facial muscles, most likely the Botox fillers.

Note that Blepharoplasty and facelift could be also done for the marks around the eyes, but it’s not that effective as botox treatment.

Demi Moore Eyes

Demi Moore had taken care of the body as well with proper diet and fitness programs. There are body parts where exercise or diet could not be the best solution to cut off sagging skins or fats, such as in areas like hips, stomach, and knees. The rumors are that Moore had liposuction surgery as well to maintain the body shape.

Along with all these surgeries, pictures of Moore suggest that lip implants were also done. The lips look more pumped than before and it’s fuller than ever.

Demi Moore Lip Implants

However, these remain as rumors only as Demi Moore has denied the news. But if you ask me, I would say that she is stretching the truth. What do you think about Demi Moore’s changeovers? Did Demi Moore have plastic surgery? Leave your comments below.