Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before And After: Worst Ever!

Hollywood celebrity Daryl Hannah has done plastic surgery. She has gone through eyelift, Botox fillers, and cheek implants. Unfortunately, the plastic surgery did not end well. It was a big failure and now, Daryl is an example for celebrity plastic surgery fail.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Fail

Daryl hannah young

Daryl, the 80’s star was blessed with natural beauty. But now, we have to consider her age. She’s 52, the age which almost every celebrity rush into anti-aging methods like Botox and other plastic surgery procedures. If you don’t know about Daryl Hannah, I’ll leave a brief about her.

As I said above, she is an American film actress. And started her career in the year 1960(think about that!). Her popular movies were Splash, Wall street, Blade, etc. Daryl, the celebrity from Chicago, was an awesome actress back in 70’s and 80’s. Hannah’s first movie was “The Fury”. I think no one can forget her amazing performance in the movie “The Blade Runner”. People start loving her after that film and got many fans also.

Now, what happened to Hannah? Like I said, she’s 52. Nature starts showing wrinkles and lines on her face. A famous celebrity like her doesn’t really want to show those marks which would make her looks aged. So like every other film actress, she also opted plastic surgery to hide those signs. She was successful in her acting career but not in cosmetic surgery. After the procedure, her face turns awful.

Everyone usually tries to hide their knives stories, but Daryl Hannah can’t because her terrible face told the world about the plastic surgery fail. The pictures of her before and after those surgeries are posted below. Go through them and see how awful her face is.

So, you went through all the photos of her. What did you feel about that 80’s star? (comment field is free!). What are the surgeries she had gone through to get this “awesome” face?

Awful results after Botox fillers and Eye lift.

Hannah has gone through Botox fillers to hide wrinkles and lines around her face. She thought it would make her more pretty and helps to keep her young look (like Mary Steenburgen). But the Botox just worked opposite. It gave her a terrible face. Fans of her were so sad about this new puppet look. Because she was already blessed with natural beauty. She doesn’t really need to ruin it by undergoing knives.

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery
Daryl Hannah plastic surgery

She also had done eye-lift and cheek implants. That’s the cause of her plumped cheeks. Eyes also look so odd. It’s by blepharoplasty she’d done. Hannah tried to get fish lips by injecting fillers like Restylane into them.

A famous plastic surgeon commented that it’s the worst plastic surgery he had ever seen. It is very sad to see a celebrity like this. Also added that it’s because of the overuse of fillers and plastic surgery procedures. If she’d done in a proper or in a simple way, it would look great. Unfortunately, she abused it badly and got worst results.

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery

Did you know what she responds to all these plastic surgery comments? She doesn’t agree with any of the cosmetic surgery procedure. I think her attitude also got changed. Well, personally I can’t believe her words. Just look at the pictures before and after plastic surgery procedures and decide whether she’d done or not.

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery