Has Cindy Crawford Had Plastic Surgery?

One of the most popular models in America, Cindy Crawford, has undergone plastic surgery. It’s believed that the 50-year-old celebrity had cosmetic surgeries to hide aging signs. Let’s look into the list of plastic surgery procedures that she had undergone.

With more than 30 years of experience in modeling, Cindy Crawford is popular in both big and small screens. She has appeared in the Forbes Magazine, and as an actress, Cougar Town, Wizards of Waverly Place, and The Simian Line are some of the popular ones. Crawford married to American Richard Gere but later got divorced in 1995. And she again married to a businessman, Rande Gerber in 1995. The couple has two children Kaia and Presley. Crawford had once announced that she would be quitting the modeling world, but still we see her on occasionally, which is a pretty admirable thing.

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

Cindy Crawford has been doing plastic surgery since she was 29. That’s like about twenty years now, and even though it’s a bit long time, her face is not at all a plastic doll-like one. Many celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery have frozen, unnatural face and the surgeries make the face even worse.

But in the case of Crawford, it’s all a perfect mix. There are no wrinkles or lines on the face, and usually at this age, the jaw would have dropped a bit. What are the different types of plastic surgery do Cindy Crawford had?

Unlike other celebrities, Cindy Crawford is very open about her plastic surgery life. She said in a magazine that the youthful appearance is by following a proper diet with lots of water and the regular visits to the plastic surgeon. She believes that the so-called creams don’t work after a certain age. Crawford is one of the few celebrities in America who admitted having plastic surgery.

Cindy Crawford Botox Fillers

Crawford had Botox and Collagen injections in her face to smoothen the skin. The procedure helps stop the movement of muscles and thus the face gets a refreshing appearance. Have you seen any lines when she frown or smiles? No, there won’t be such aging signs as the botox holds the skin from contraction. There are some rumors that she had facelift surgery as well but I think they are just rumors as we can see no significant difference in the shape.

Botox filler is a recurring process, means you’ve to visit the plastic surgeon every six months or so. And it seems Cindy Crawford never fails an appointment with the doctor. With the help of these fillers, she looks really good in this age, and that’s one thing she should be proud of.