Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before And After ! FAIL !

American actress Catherine Bell has done plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery was not a successful one. Her face looks weird now. She has done a facelift, nose job, and eyelift.

If you don’t know Catherine, I will give you a small introduction. Catherine Bell is a Hollywood actress who’s basically from Britain. She’s very popular for her performance in a Television show JAG. The show stopped at 2005 and she’s now in another T.V. Serial Army wives. Catherine started her career at 1992.

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery FAIL !

Catherine Bell plastic surgery before and after

There have been some rumors popped out about Catherine that she’d undergone knives. Well, it’s not just rumors. After going through the pictures of her, even a kid can recognize that she’d plastic surgery.

Yes, it made drastic changes in her face. I don’t think she really needs any alterations in her face. Catherine was actually blessed with natural beauty (but not COMMON SENSE, if she had little, she wouldn’t do that to her beautiful face! )

She’s now aged 44. Most celebrities who has done cosmetic surgeries are above 40 age. This is because it is the age when the wrinkles and lines appear. To hide aging, she chooses knives.

But it doesn’t end well (another fail like Paul Stanley)

Just check the pictures of Catherine before and after plastic surgery, you can see the drastic changes in her face. The shape of nose changed. It’s narrow and weird shaped. Her fans got disappointed with these changes. Everyone’s saying that she look better without all these surgeries. I agree with that. She really doesn’t need any surgeries.

Before the nose job procedures, she looked good. Now, she’s an example for awful cosmetic surgery. She was not happy the way her nose looks. So she decided nose job and what to say, it just got worst.

Do you know what does she commented about it ? Catherine said in an interview to a magazine (OK!) that she’s in better shape now. Happy to hear that a celebrity with bad plastic surgery is satisfied with the tragic results. I don’t think she’s in better shape now, yes she “had” stunning beauty before surgery.