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Has Meg Ryan had Plastic Surgery?

Meg Ryan Cheek Fillers

The 55-year-old American actress Meg Ryan has always been subject to plastic surgery stories. It turns out that the stories are not just stories but facts. One can find it out just by comparing past and present photos of Meg Ryan. Experts believe that Meg Ryan had done a couple of plastic surgery procedures. In […]

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – Is it a fact or just rumor?

Halle Berry is 49 years old and it seems the secret of her beauty is still a mystery for many. And the age doesn’t seem a concern for her – she looks gorgeous in many ways. Many people say that Halle Berry had undergone plastic surgeries including breast implants and nose job. But did she […]

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery: American Star child of KISS band

Paul Stanley (Stanley Harvey Eisen) from the most over-rated rock band KISS has some plastic surgery on face. The vocalist, Paul, always use white paint while performing. Does he use white paint as a style or to cover terrible surgery fail story ? Well, Paul Stanley is an example for celebrity plastic surgery fail. Everyone loves his awesome and […]