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Did Vivica Fox Have Plastic Surgery?

Vivica A Fox Breast Implants

The 51-year-old Vivica A. Fox is rumored to have plastic surgery a couple of times, which ended up in an unnatural, fake look. The rumors say that the Indiana-born actress had breast implants, nose job, botox fillers, and lip augmentation surgery procedures. You might think now whether she really had this much number of surgeries. […]

Demi Moore – An Almost Perfect Face with Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

American actress who became famous for the movie ‘About Last Night’ is in the 50s now and many rumors are there that the Hollywood celebrity had plastic surgery several times. In fact, Moore did spend a good amount of dollars in plastic surgery and other diet and fitness programs to keep the body youthful and […]

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants and Facelift

Wendy Williams weight loss before and after

Popular American Media Personality, Wendy Williams, is in the limelight of having multiple plastic surgery procedures including breast implants, liposuction, facelift, and you name it. The rumors are that the 51-year-old Williams had a bad luck in plastic surgery. In fact, many believe that she has ruined her beauty with over usage of knives. Let’s […]

Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory had Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants

Kaley Cuoco Breast Implants

Kaley Cuoco who is famous for her role as Penny in The Big Bang Theory has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. It’s believed that the People’s Choice Award winner Kaley Cuoco had plastic surgeries including breast implants, nose job, eyelids, forehead botox fillers and cheek fillers.   How many of the procedures are […]

Stassi Schroeder and Plastic Surgery – Work done for Breasts and Lips!

Stassi Schroeder breast lift reduction

Stassi Schroeder is a 27-year-old American model and Fashion blogger– you can get useful makeup tips) – who become the world popular for her role in the television series Vanderpump Rules. In recent times, rumors pop up that Stassi had plastic surgery procedures such as lip injections, breast augmentation, and chin implants. Stassi has […]

Tara Reid ‘Botched’ Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants & Liposuction FAIL

Tara Reid, the 48-year-old American model, and actress are said to have a series of plastic surgeries which got failed drastically. She had undergone cosmetic procedures including Liposuction and Breast implants. Failed Breast Implants The world came to know about Tara Reid‘s bad luck in plastic surgery when she was on Dr. Derik’s birthday party, […]

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – Is it a fact or just rumor?

Halle Berry is 49 years old and it seems the secret of her beauty is still a mystery for many. And the age doesn’t seem a concern for her – she looks gorgeous in many ways. Many people say that Halle Berry had undergone plastic surgeries including breast implants and nose job. But did she […]

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery – Looks Youthful At 41

I admire Jenny McCarthy for the fresh appearance. Not only her perfectly shaped breasts but the face also. Her skin is extremely smooth and has a pointed nose. American model as well as television host Jenny has undergone plastic surgery. That’s true. Jenny McCarthy is popular as a writer, a model(once appeared in Playboy), and […]

Susan Lucci – Looks Fabulous at 67! Is it Plastic Surgery?

America’s famous Television star Susan Lucci has had plastic surgery. Although she is 67-years-old, looks like a woman at her forty. How did she manage to look like this? I’m sure that it’s the way of aging that most women dreamt of. People often rumored that Susan Lucci had cosmetic surgery and it is the […]

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery – Youthful Appearance at 58

Janice Dickinson – the 58-year-old American celebrity had done plastic surgery. It is true that almost every part of her has undergone knives for better and young look. She’s almost sixty and yet looks like a woman who is at forty or forty-five. I admire Janice that she openly admitted having plastic surgery. This is not […]

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