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Ellen Degeneres Plastic Surgery

Ellen Degeneres is at the age of 58; two more years and she will be sixty. But still, she looks like as if she is in the early forties. How did she get this youthful appearance? Speculators looked into the beauty secrets of Ellen Degeneres and whether the celebrity television host had undergone plastic surgery […]

Demi Moore – An Almost Perfect Face with Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

American actress who became famous for the movie ‘About Last Night’ is in the 50s now and many rumors are there that the Hollywood celebrity had plastic surgery several times. In fact, Moore did spend a good amount of dollars in plastic surgery and other diet and fitness programs to keep the body youthful and […]

Has Jane Fonda had Plastic Surgery? No Visible Aging Signs at 78

Jane Fonda Nose Job

The 78-year-old American actress Jane Fonda looks stunning in this age with the help of plastic surgery. It’s believed that the actress has undergone cosmetic surgery several times and the procedures include eyelid surgery, neck lift, and botox injections (cheeks and forehead). Jane Fonda is the daughter of renowned American actor Henry Fonda. She has […]

Did Jada Pinkett Smith have Plastic Surgery?

Jada Pinkett Smith breast implants

The 44-year-old Jada Pinkett Smith looks so awesome for the age that it appears she has done something to her face. She probably gets some help from a plastic surgeon to makes her look younger. Jada Pinkett has done plastic surgery including facelift, cheek implants, botox fillers and a possible nose job. Pinkett Smith, who […]

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery – Smooth, Shining Skin

Marlo Thomas is one among the few American celebrities who look young for the age. It is rumored that the 77-year-old woman had a couple of plastic surgery procedures to maintain youthful looks. Marlo Thomas is popular from the year 1960. Yes, you heard me right. Thomas manages to keep this youthful face for about […]

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery – Looks Young at 75

Valerie Haper is a woman who is familiar among us from early days – The Mary Tyler Moore Show(1970). She is a great actress, and sadly she was diagnosed with cancer last year. It was a shocking news. But still Valerie has a beautiful smile and young look. Valerie Haper is aged 71, but her […]

Katie Couric – Younger Looking Skin with Plastic Surgery

Katie Couric is a famous news anchor in America – worked for NBC News, CBS News and ABC News. She has beautiful and young-looking face that people started spreading rumors that she did plastic surgery. In fact, Katie didn’t admit it. While going through the photos of her, it seems she did something to her face. Katie Couric […]

Diane Sawyer – Aging Gracefully With Facelift

One of the most popular TV journalist Diane Sawyer has had plastic surgery. The results were awesome and she looked really good for the age. As being an anchor in a world famous channel – ABC News – it is important to look good. I know as it had nothing much to do with her […]

Has Mary Tyler Moore Had Plastic Surgery on her Face?

Mary Tyler Moore is another American actress who had plastic surgery for younger looks. She had undergone several surgeries including Botox fillers, facelift, and a nose job. After going through the photos of her, we could say the surgery was kind of fail. She now looks like of a wax figure. Tyler was really cute before […]

Susan Lucci – Looks Fabulous at 67! Is it Plastic Surgery?

America’s famous Television star Susan Lucci has had plastic surgery. Although she is 67-years-old, looks like a woman at her forty. How did she manage to look like this? I’m sure that it’s the way of aging that most women dreamt of. People often rumored that Susan Lucci had cosmetic surgery and it is the […]

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