Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery Win

There’re some big changes in the appearance of Calista Flockhart. Especially in lips and nose. Yes, the 48-year-old Hollywood celebrity has done plastic surgery. After going through the photos, it is clear that she went through lip implants and nose job.

American people started loving Calista for her amazing roles in the television series “Brothers and Sisters”. She started her career in the year 1989. It has been over 20 years and still managed to look young and stunning. I can’t believe that she’s gonna hit her 50. Do you know the secret behind this youthful skin and appearance? I don’t think she had injected any dermal fillers to cover up wrinkles and lines.

calista flockhart plastic surgery

I said so because her face doesn’t look fake. I’ve seen many celebrities who did Botox. All of them have frozen face. The Botox tighten the skin too much, they can’t even move their facial muscles for a smile or any expressions. Calista’s face is not like them. It’s fresh, natural and not has a frozen look. In fact, her smile seems beautiful than before. So, we can confirm that she did not have any Botox injections.

Nose Job

calista flockhart nose job

The Golden Globe Award winner Calista has done nose job (rhinoplasty). Just look at the pictures of her, you can see the changes in size and shape of her nose. The alteration in nose changed the entire look of her face. Well, the result was good. The new nose suits her good and yeah, it looks like natural one. So we can say that getting nose job was a good decision for her.

Lip Implants

calista flockhart lip implants

The next thing is about her lips. It seems fuller than before. It is done by injecting fillers into lips. She looks beautiful with the implants done. I’ve seen some celebrities who had overly done lip injections and the results were weird and fake looks. But Calista Flockhart has done it in a perfect way and right amount. She seems comfortable and happy after the surgery.

So the above two surgeries are a big success only. She had chosen the right surgeon. And carefully took the decisions on plastic surgery.